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Mitchell Berg

Interview: Feargus Kennedy

Photographer: Diana Ragland

Creative Director: Mayhem Entertainment PR

Mitchell Berg is a bright new face breaking onto the comedic acting scene. He may just be thirteen, but this South Californian has already proven he has the skills to make anyone laugh. Mitchell brings his background in stage productions to his recent roles in the Nickelodeon shows ‘Henry Danger’ and ‘Side Hustle’, where he plays both a child superhero and tech-savvy teen. Mitchell is an exciting new star that we can wait to see more from.

In Henry Danger you played “Lil Dynomite”, he is now returning in the new show Danger Force, do you find this character fun to play and would you say “Lil Dynomite” and you have much in common?

“Lil’ Dynomite” started off as a try-hard superhero and now he is a villain. Honestly, who wouldn’t love to play a villain? Lil’ D will take you down, but he will still try to do terrible things in the most well-mannered way possible. It is a challenge to pull that off but I love a good challenge! I enjoy exploring all the sides of the character.

You have played a range of characters on both the screen and stage with different personalities and interests. How would you describe your personality? Do you have any hobbies?

I love to have fun, but I have a serious side too. I am extremely hardworking, curious, and I love meeting new people and just hanging out. I also enjoy surfing, playing guitar, and learning new instruments. I like cooking, solving puzzles, and of course acting, singing, and dancing.

In your new show, Side Hustle your character “Fisher” is to a degree a techno genius and helps create the app “kidDING”, what apps do you like to use in your spare time?

That’s an interesting question. I probably spend the most time on TikTok. I definitely enjoy seeing people’s creativity on that app. I’m always getting new ideas and recipes from that app. I also use the Calm app to stay mentally healthy and it helps me wind down at night. I’m also kind of obsessed with a couple of weather apps—I love to compare and see which one has the best intel.

On both Nickelodeon shows; Henry Danger and Side Hustle, I found your characters to be some of the funniest on the show. How much do you like to make people laugh in your personal life and what makes you laugh?

First, thank you! That is a huge compliment because there are many funny characters on both of these Nickelodeon shows. To answer your question, I’m always making wise cracks and telling stories to keep people around me laughing. What makes me laugh are jokes that are clever, or just people letting loose and being goofy.

For someone who is still so young you’ve had a wide range of roles on the screen and tv shows, have you always wanted to be an actor, and what was it that drew you towards acting?

When I was younger, I really enjoyed baseball and I also loved engineering stuff at my school, like the Rube Goldberg competitions. When my parents signed me up for theatre camp one summer, I wasn’t too excited to go at first. But then I learned there is something really cool and special about working with a group to develop a performance that entertains the audience. It drew me in right away and since then I’ve been getting more into acting, singing. I love the community of pulling a show together, whether it’s for television, film, or theatre.

Finally, The future seems bright for Mitchell Berg, where do you want to be in the next 5 years?

Five years from now I want to still be growing as an actor. Hopefully I’ll be adding more comedic and dramatic roles in television and film, and maybe even Broadway, to my resume. I feel like I’m just getting started. There is so much to learn and so many ways to improve, the sky's the limit in the entertainment industry and I’m ready to see what the future holds for me.

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