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Milan Ray

Interview: Feargus Kennedy

Photo Credit:  Curtis Bond

New and upcoming Hollywood star Milan Ray stars in ABC’s reboot of, “The Wonder Years”. You can watch her play the character of Keisa Clemmons, and see how Milan slips right into the setting of 1960s America. You can also catch Milan alongside Alison Janney and Viola Davis in Amazon’s “Troop Zero”.

Your upcoming project, a remake of “the Wonder Years,” is set in the 1960s, was it fun acting in a project from that time period and what time period would you like to be from?

I must say that I do enjoy acting in different time periods! Two other projects that I worked on were also period specific. I think the thing that I love most about it, especially in The Wonder Years, is the costumes and fashions from the era. Our Costume Director Ceci is amazing!

I think if I had to choose a time period that I would like to be from, it would have to be the future. The fashion possibilities would be endless!

Already in your acting career you have worked with some greats in the industry, such as Viola Davis, Don Cheadle and Allison Janney. How has it been working with such legends and is there anyone in particular you would like to work with in the future?

Working with Viola Davis & Allison Janey on my very first movie Troop Zero was such an incredible experience. Just being able to observe the legends at work was truly unforgettable. Unfortunately, since Don Cheadle is the voice for young Dean in The Wonder Years, I haven’t had any screen time with him in person. I would certainly love that opportunity though! There are so many great and talented actors out there that I would love to work with, but a few are Marsai Martin, Viola Davis again, Michael B. Jordan, Denzel Washington, Robert Downey Jr., and Issa Rae.

You star as Keisa Clemmons in the new season of “the Wonder Years”. What parts of Keisa’s character do you like the most and are you like Keisa in real life in anyways?

I love that Keisa is a girl who stands up for herself and others. She has no problem speaking her mind and her self-confidence is pretty dope too. Yes, Keisa and I do share some qualities.. I have been known to speak my mind on occasion! We both have great fashion sense too!

From watching the show there appears to be a fun environment on the set of “the Wonder Years”. Is this true? What has been your favourite part about working on the show?

It is so true! We have so much fun on set! It’s truly great coming to work with this great cast and crew.

There are so many things I love about the show. No way I can choose just one! But I will say that just being able to bring to life these important well written stories with a group of people that feel more like family rather than co-workers is the best.

Acting in a remake of anything iconic can be very challenging for actors, as there is duty to uphold what made the original great. What was the greatest challenge you faced acting in the remake of “the Wonder Years”?

I think anytime that a remake is done, there is always pressure to live up to the original, especially if it was very popular. But I honestly think that the reimagining of The Wonder Years is more of a parallel universe to the original. The creators and writers have done an amazing job in showing a different perspective and helping the show stand out on its own, which makes my job pretty easy.

This is only the beginning of your career, where do you see yourself heading in the future and what sort of projects would you like to be doing heading on from now?

Honestly, being on set is truly my happy place, so I see myself continuing to work hard and branch out into doing a variety of different projects in different genres. I’m also very interested in directing and have had the opportunity to shadow Fred Savage which was amazing. So I definitely see myself getting serious about that in the future.

You can catch 'The Wonder Years' on Hulu or Disney+

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