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Michael Mather

Photography & Interview: Owen James Vincent

Grooming: Rita Nieddu

Styling: Rory Mcnerney

Designer: TOM-O

Now this is a star you need to look out for! He's stylish, he has insane hair colour and is a born and bred Gordie... we're talking about Michael Mather. 

Michael recently starred in the Channel 4's groundbreaking series, 'It's A Sin' playing the character of Maxwell who's a love interest of the main character Ritchie portrayed by Years & Years singer, Olly Alexander. 

We got to style Michael for a fashion photoshoot and have a chat about his time on the show, future projects and what it was like starring in show that was written by Russel T Davies.

Hey Michael, Thanks for chatting to ReVamp Magazine. How was it being on a TV show that was written by an amazing writer who is…Russell T Davies?

Thank you so much for having me, I’m gassed to be featured in this sick magazine! [laughs]. It was unbelievable, 100% the best thing I've done in my career so far. I remember getting the call from my agent and being like "Whaaaaat! This is for Russell T Davies series!?”. I had just watched Years & Years and was obsessed with it, everything Russell writes is a masterpiece. I remember reading the script and being like this going to be mega and it was! The filming process was amazing, we filmed it back in 2019 but then obviously COVID happened in 2020 when it was meant to be released so it was pushed back to 2021 and then BAM! It aired and became the most successful Channel 4 series, with 19 million views. 

You played the character Maxwell. How did you prepare yourself for this role?

Well the role was me getting fully nude [laughs]. So it was a moment! I remember thinking this is my T.V debut and I about to be fully naked. The preparation was just me finding the confidence to be nude on national television, because that’s a big thing right? so yeah I was nervous but we had the most amazing creative team, Peter Hoar (the director) was a dream, the cast were a dream, it was like one big family! And what’s so important it we had an incredible team of intimacy coordinator’s who prepared us for everything. Olly and I had chats about what we were comfortable with and then it was choreographed, a bit like a sexy dance but naked so we knew exactly what was happening in our sex scene, so when it came to filming it was a breeze! 

What was your experience like when you found out ‘It’s A Sin’ became very popular?

I remember sitting down on a Friday around 9 o clock with my housemates, we popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate. It was bang in the middle of lockdown 3.0 and I remember speaking to Russell on the day, he was asking how I was feeling as it was my debut, I was so nervous, the world was about to see my bare ass! The show is so unapologetically gay that it could go one way or the other. We all know what the British public can be like with complaining, for example when people complained about Strictly Come Dancing because one of the judges dresses was too ‘revealing.’ So you can imagine what was going through my head, but when it came out, everyone raved about it, it was so well received I couldn't believe it. The response was unbelievable. Thank god! I had friends in New York reaching out to me and then it went global, it was HUGE! To be a small part of something that is so influential and educational and just so BRILLIANT, it's feels amazing! It was also so nice to see a story about HIV in set in the UK as they are always set in America and Russell wanted to show that we went through it too. It was obviously heart-breaking but also showed the fun side to being a part of the ever-growing incredible LGBTQ+ community, because we know how to have FUN! 

From your Instagram you’re very stylish. Where do you get your inspiration from?

I feel like my mind? [laughs]. I don't really have a style icon, obviously I am obsessed with icons such as David Bowie, Elton John, Billy Porter, Harry Styles etc. but you will usually see me rocking a vest with high waisted jeans, so let’s say Freddie Mercury is my no.1. I also lived in South Korea for a bit and the fashion there is unbelievable, so I like to take a lot of my inspiration from there. If you ever get a chance to visit South Korea, you MUST! The fashion is insane. 

Who inspires you?

Oh it has to be my Mum, she's the most important person in my life and also my friends, and my chosen family. I am surrounded by the most incredible, wonderful hard working queer group in the world! They’re my chosen family and I would be lost without them! I truly am blessed to be surrounded by such gorgeous people. 

You’ve got an upcoming movie coming out in September called ‘The Duke’. Can you tell us more about it and what kind of role you’ll be playing? 

I'm playing a part called Eddie and I'm playing opposite Jim Broadbent and Dame Helen Mirren. It's a Gordie film and nice to feel like I'm back in my hometown and that's all I can tell you. You need to watch it when it comes out!

Have you got anything exciting coming up you can tell us about?

Actually YES! I just recently did a sold out solo show at the Crazy Coqs this summer, and I will be doing that again but BIGGER and BETTER! It will be at the Hippodrome, it's called 'An Evening with Michael Mather' on 2nd December. Get your tickets! It's going to be MEGA!  - 

Lastly, with the world slowly coming back to normal. What are you most excited about? 

Clubbing! Partying! Big huge welcome back club parties! Just celebrating life being back to normal. Let’s PARTY! 

You can get tickets for Michael's upcoming show  

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