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Michael Maize

25th August 2022

Interview: Sharyn Agnes

Photo Credit: Tanner Townsend

Starring in the new series of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin as Joseph. We got to chat Michael Maize about his role in the HBO Max series and what we expect from the last three episodes.

Hello Michael! Thank you for taking the time to have a chat with us. You've recently co-starred in the show the new incarnation of Pretty Little Liars,  how was that experience for you?

I truly loved working on the show.  I live a bit north of New York City, in the Hudson Valley.  This was where the show shot as well, and it was very awesome to work locally.  This area is a special place in the world, and it was great to dive into a role within this environment!  The cast was sublime.  Bailee Madison & Chandler Kinney were extremely friendly and open as fellow artists.  From day 1, they welcomed me with joy and open arms.  All 5 of the girls were a blast on set, and we had a lot of fun.  Additionally, I was thrilled to work on a show within the HBO MAX platform.  I am a huge fan of EUPHORIA, WHITE LOTUS and RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES, three popular shows on the network.  HBO MAX has really raised the bar with their content, so I was honored to join the team.  

Any hints you can give us about what’s to come for the rest of the season?

The last 3 episodes of the season continue to take the audience on twists and turns.  I truly think you will be at the edge of your seat!  More secrets are revealed as the episodes unfold, and the season wraps up in an epic and unexpected way.  My character continues to explore the connection of Angela Waters to the girls' moms.  I definitely come forward to stir some things up.  

You have lived and worked in both Los Angeles and New York, do you prefer one to the other. Do you have a favourite spot in each city?

I love them both for different reasons.  I think they are a great compliment to each other, and I really try to continue to live a bicoastal life.  Los Angeles is full of beauty and a chill magic that permeates the air.   I love the Hollywood Bowl.  It is an amazing place to witness a concert and picnic while you do so.  And, I love being in the Hollywood hills and seeing the amazing views of the city in all directions.  New York has a creative pulse and energy that can't be beat. My favorite part of NY is Brooklyn.  Prospect Park is a beautiful huge park; Cobble Hill is an amazing area which has a bit of everything; and Juniors is a great Jewish Deli downtown.

You’ve worked in so many shows, mostly on the darker more sci-fi side of things. Are you wanting to try to lighter side of things?

To be honest, I love to work.  I love to act.  Whether that is darker, lighter or somewhere in the middle, I find it all captivating and thrilling.  It is awesome to sink my teeth into a darker role within a colorful world, such as my roles on Gotham, Happy and Mr. Robot.   But, it's also nice to have fun once in a while with a lighter or comic project.

What do you do when you have some downtime?

I am a big fan of hiking, kayaking and paddle boarding.  These are all things popular in the Hudson Valley and one of the main reasons I moved up here.  I also regularly practice yoga at least 3 times per week with a great app called Glo.  It has been a hot dry summer, so I have attended many pool parties which are definitely fun. 

Lastly, have you got any messages you would like to say to your readers?

The current atmosphere within the Global political world can feel daunting at times.  It is important to remember we are constantly changing and evolving as a culture.  Savor and relish in the moment as much as you can, for there is always something in your world to be grateful for. 

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