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Meredith Bull

30th September 2021

Photography: Alexandra Hryshyn

Interview: Amy Bell

Logo Design: Emily Curtis

You may know Meredith Bull from being in the animated musical, ‘strange magic’ as Dawn. She was the younger sister of Marianne (Evan Rachel Wood).

Now Meredith is all about TikTok and her music career. She began to take viral sounds from the popular app and transformed them into full songs. Meredith has racked up an astonishing 1.1 million followers and over 11 million likes. The popular creator went viral from  transforming audio of a cat yowling into a full song and her fans are absolutely loving it. The song “I don’t wanna be touched” has become a viral hit on TikTok and Twitter, where it amassed over five million viewers between the two platforms. 

In her career before TikTok Meredith has collaborated with many artists across various labels such as Buygore, Wakkan, Circus, and Play Me Records to name a few. 

You quickly built up your fan base, now having 1.1million followers and 11 million likes, how do you come up with new content ideas that people would love to see? 

Crazy right? I just try to make videos that I would love to see, or that make me laugh. Sometimes those align and sometimes not. I think my humor is a little more obscure than the average person scrolling on Tik Tok.  

You have released a few of your own original songs, from your viral sounds, how did you record/write the sounds into a full song, and how long did it take you to do? 

I went to school for music production, so I’ve been making my own music for a few years now. I just applied the same sort of structure that I do when writing other music so it’s pretty second nature. The hardest part is just working with audio that wasn’t recorded for sound quality. That is the most time consuming part, cleaning up audio and making it work well enough to be put on streaming platforms, etc.

What would be the best advice to give to an aspiring TikToker? 

I would say figure out the most unique aspect of yourself and focus on building content around that. Whether it’s a skill, hobby, passion, or talent.

In 2015, you took on the starring role of ‘Dawn’ in the Disney/Lucasfilm animated musical “Strange Magic”, how did you get into that role and into the world of acting? 

I’ve actually been working as an actor since I was 7 years old! I’ve had the same voiceover agent since I was 12 and was fortunate enough to audition for that project and land it. I worked on the film for 4 years before it was released, the longest I’ve ever worked on a project. It was pretty special.

What did you like about your character the most and Marianne (your on film sister), was very different from ‘Dawn’, what was their relationship like in the film? 

What’s funny is I personally related to Marianne more than I did Dawn at the time, and wished I could have auditioned for Marianne when I got sent the audition. Dawn was very much into storybook romance and fantasy, and Marianne was more of a pessimist. I enjoyed seeing the world through Dawn’s eyes for a time, it was refreshing.

Would you ever get back into acting, or is it all music from here?

Yes of course! I love it! I love playing characters and being other people I miss it.

What is next for you?

Lots more music and a few top secret voice over projects  Thank you!!!

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