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Mehra Marzbani

30th July 2022

Interview & Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Mehra Marzbani talks to us about her role of Yasmina in the web series, Chicken Girls.

Hi Mehra! Thanks for talking to ReVamp Magazine! How has 2022 been treating you so far?

Thank you for having me! This year has been wild, having to juggle being both a high school student (with homework, extracurriculars, and the sorts) and a newcomer to the entertainment industry. My takeaways from the year thus far are one, the importance of time management (my planner and I are BFFs now), and two, taking the time to breathe and relax when life gets stressful--mental health is real and very important. Apart from that, I loved getting to meet new faces and work with others this year as a member of a Youth Advisory Board and the founder of a newsletter celebrating MENA artists.

You play the role of Yasmina in the webseries 'Chicken Girls' . What made you audition for this role?

As an actress, I yearn to play characters that are completely different from myself--that’s the vicarious thrill of acting, playing someone you’re not and immersing yourself in their world to tell their story. Interestingly enough, I was drawn to Yasmina’s character for the exact opposite reason: I could see myself in her. Yes, she’s Middle Eastern like me, and that’s something young people--myself included--don’t see often on television. But I also fell in love with Yasmina because she’s strong, diplomatic, unapologetically smart, and turns heads. That’s the type of character I want to play: a role model, someone that makes minority communities feel seen but also has a personality and experiences that all young people can relate to. I’m incredibly fortunate and proud to enter the industry at a time where we are beginning to see characters breaking out of Hollywood stereotypes and just being their amazing selves--and Yasmina is no exception. Characters like her are the change, so of course I had to click that “Submit Audition” button!

Do you think you and Yasmina have similar interests?

I think Yasmina pursues her passions and interests with an eye towards bettering the world around her, as I strive to do. So yes, I do believe that we would have similar interests. I could easily picture her serving her community in Peer Court or using that smart head of hers to question and debate in Mock Trial. She’d also be an avid reader like me, always eager to explore new horizons.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Where would you like to be?

Hopefully I’m just being myself--sweet and silly and open and honest. I want to be surrounded by people who constantly inspire me to work harder and be the best version of myself as possible. Whatever it is I end up doing career wise--acting, law, or something else--I want it to be something that leaves a positive impact on others. I’m going to take all of the love and support and knowledge that I’ve received from my family and teachers and give it back to others, that’s for sure.

Lastly, have you got a message you would like to say to your readers?

Be optimistic, now more than ever. And don’t think that you can’t make your dreams a reality, because you absolutely can (although you may need a little bit of luck along the way).

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