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Megan Black

26th April 2022

Interview: Amy Bell

Self-proclaimed ‘hippy-dippy drag queen’ Megan Black is a Scottish musician, vocalist and songwriter. Megan is a queer artist who uses her platform to write about her experience as a member of the LGBTQ+ community in order to celebrate expression and empowerment. Megan’s songs also focus on feminism, mental health, addiction and many other relevant topics in today’s society. After self -releasing her debut single ‘Fur Coat Queen’ in April 2019 Megan has caught the attention of many in the music scene within Scotland. This song brought her into the top 10 for the 2019 BBC Singer Songwriter Award. When asked about her music, Megan says ‘I feel we all think we’re the only ones to feel a certain way. If I can be that person to talk about what no one else wants to talk about, I will, but hopefully in a groovy way. I love Mick Jagger so I guess my music is an attempt at old rock and roll without the misogyny - but hopefully still as cool!’ Megan’s music varies from blues and rock to jazz and pop and everything in between with her inspirations being David Byrne, Stevie Nicks, Kate Bush, Bob Dylan and of course, The Stones! Her highly anticipated debut album ‘Deadly Is The Woman’ is now available on all streaming and download platforms as well as on vinyl and CD! 

Thanks so much for talking to ReVamp, how did you get into the music industry and who were you inspired by growing up? 

Thanks so much for having me! I started singing when I was around 14 and soon after joined my high school folk group. I needed an outlet and music was it. I was quite shy and didn’t know how to be authentic to myself so singing and playing became a way to do that - now it’s just what I do and always want to do. I was very inspired by honest lyric writing and really enjoyed listening to Bob Dylan growing up - he’s been a massive influence in my own writing and is always my go-to listen when I need a cry or to feel like the main character (that sort of thing). 

Your new album ‘Deadly is the Woman’, what a great album name, as we are of course deadly, what is this album about and how did it all come about?

The album name took so long to come up with! All of my ideas before that were a bit too strange and didn’t really make much sense so I’m very glad this one does. I wanted the album to represent a period in my life where I’ve made mistakes, outgrown myself and had to face both a sense of power from being in pain. These things are precious and really shape and continue to shape who I am. I find it hard to be honest with myself about how I truly feel so this album was my way of doing that authentically and dealing with things in the hopes that people listening to my music can relate/take what they need from that. I have found my power in being a woman (mainly because it has been the reason for me going through a lot of things I shouldn’t have and been treated in ways I shouldn’t have). Talking about this pain gives me power - and you’re right - that is deadly!

If you could choose 1 song from the album, which is your favourite song? 

I feel connected to all of the songs for different reasons but I’d probably say ‘Does That Make Me Eve’. It’s the most self-indulgent track (being six minutes long with a slide guitar solo), and my favourite to play live - it’s a massive f-you to the patriarchy and I feel the power from that. 

Since you have started releasing music, how do you think you have changed as an artist from then to the new album?

I think I have started writing music that I would enjoy listening to. I also think I have grown more authentic in my writing and expression as an artist which has helped me bring in the right fan base for what I’m doing. I always love learning and evolving so I’m sure my style and sound will change with that. 

How do you know which songs will make it on the album and how do you make that decision?

Even to this day, I don’t know the answer to this question. It all feels like a bit of a blur now! I knew what I wanted to say with this album before I’d even written most of the songs so it felt quite intuitive that they all belonged on it.

What is the recording/writing process like when it comes to writing an album?

I normally start off with a tune in my head (I’m one of those annoying people that always has something stuck in their head) and I work out if it’s my song and then I just sort of go from there. I’ll write about how I feel/what’s relevant in my brain at the time and then add some spicy chords and work out an overall structure. I work with a band of amazing musicians for gigs and recording so I will bring the songs to them, we work on them, and then start the recording process. For this album, we recorded with Mark Morrow in Edinburgh - he’s always great to work with so I’m super happy he was part of this.

I’m sure everyone wants to know, what is next for you? 

I have a lot coming up which is very exciting! I will be playing a launch night for the album on the 20th of May at Broadcast in Glasgow. There is also CD and Vinyl of the album for sale and we will be playing a lot of shows over the summer. There might also be some new music on the way, too.

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