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MC Grammar

24th March 2024

Interview & Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

MC Grammar dropped out of school with no GCSE to his name but he soon then returned to education and used the love of his hip-hop rhymes to remember his revision notes. MC Grammar then got offered a record deal instead of becoming a teacher and started to create songs to help students with spellings. Since then MC Grammar has been on shows like BBC Breakfast, Blue Peter and This Morning.

MC Grammar talks to us about his upcoming tour, why he decided to go back to education and performing at Great Ormand Street Hospital.

Hi MC Grammar! Thanks for chatting to us today. Can you tell us when MC Grammar started? How did this all start?

Music and hip hop was my outlet: a place I would go to escape.  One day, it became more than that, a tool.  My way of remembering and recalling information.  As soon as I discovered my ability to rhyme, I realised I could apply it anywhere.  So I did.  All of my revision notes, lecture lessons and mnemonics became raps.  The rest is history.  Jacob, a Dictaphone and a beat equaled success!

This just made sense when it came to my teaching, especially when the SPaG paper (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) paper landed when I was a year 6 teacher.  I broke the subject and topics down into raps and bingo MC Grammar was born! I started a YouTube channel /mcgrammartv and the rest is history — and I still have those raps and tons more on my channel which is updated three times a week! 

This has all happened organically as a fun learning approach to inspire children.  For me, it’s always been about them.

Growing up you left school with only one GCSE to your name. What made you want to go back?

Leaving school with only one GCSE really does alienate you in society.  I immediately felt alone and powerless upon leaving school.  I didn’t qualify for much.  Aside from my writing and raps, I had nothing.  Feeling like this meant I had no voice or outlet.  And that’s when hip hop and music entered my life.  It spoke to me.  The words echoed my experiences and thoughts and feelings, so I started to write back to the music and culture.  

It became a form of therapy for me.  I read books, listened to hip hop and wrote raps, every day.  And each day I did this I grew in confidence and vocabulary.  This gave me my voice back, so my thoughts could then crystallize into words.   I was finally able to communicate effectively; I felt like I was being heard and understood.  This validation process gave me confidence and a boost at the perfect time in my life.  I felt motivated to study and succeed at it.  I did! 

You’ve just announced you're doing a tour visiting places such as Exeter, London, Birmingham, Bath and Gloucester. How excited are you to be doing this? What can we expect from this tour?

I can’t wait! Fun for the whole family it’s going to be a musical adventure: beatboxing, dancing, rhyming, READING, rapping…you name it!  I want to give kids a taste of hip hop culture, but in a safe creative space.  I also want parents and guardians to have a good time and to reminisce about the good ol’ days of music.  This is a show for everyone and strictly good vibes only!  Whether you’re 6, 16 or 60, you will leave inspired to read and rap. 

P.S I can’t wait for the parent rap battle! 

You also had the honor of being part of Great Ormand Street Hospital’s Christmas Ball. From the early stages of my life, I was looked after GOSH as they found me a Bone Marrow Transplant. How was it performing at such an incredible hospital?

They are just all so incredible! What a team and energy, you just can’t put into words.  I was so overwhelmed and inspired by the positive vibes, happiness and love that just wraps itself around you as soon as you enter the room.  The children are warriors and young legends and the team are straight-up superheroes, as you will know.  I love reading and rapping with the kids and can’t wait to go back soon.  I’m in awe! 

Lastly, if you had the opportunity to ReVamp anything. What would it be and why?

Wow! That’s a great question. It has to be libraries!  Why? So many are closing down and so many are just forgotten, even in schools!  This makes me sad because they are the most magical place where anyone can go to escape, travel, learn…even fly! Let’s not neglect them anymore.  Let's revamp them and protect them!  Love your local library, gang! 

Grab your tickets to see MC Grammar live here!

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