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Marcus McCoan

26th October 2022

Interview: Alice Foster

With two multi-platinum #1 co-writes for the Korean mega group BTS, Marcus McCoan is ready to utilise his superb talents to embark on a solo career. The rising Cornish singer/songwriter is heading to the top before even releasing his debut single. 

To start things off, Marcus McCoan shares a live session performance on Youtube titled 'Try Me' that displays the artist up close and personal. Alongside the seductive murmur, McCoan demonstrates his multi-instrumentalist side with a stellar guitar solo. 

ReVamp introduces Marcus McCoan as a one-to-watch star with a short Q&A from his supporting tour Natalie Imbruglia. 

Hi Marcus, thank you very much answering these questions for us, how are you doing today? 

Thanks for having me!! I’m very well thanks, really enjoying my week opening for Natalie Imbruglia on her UK tour! 

When did you realise you wanted to make the transition from a songwriter to an artist?

It’s always been in my mind that I wanted to do it, but something has clicked recently that has inspired me to push fully in this direction. It’s hard to explain but it just feels like the right time for me to double down on the things I enjoy the most about music, like playing shows and making music and videos for my own project.

How did you end up co-writing songs for BTS? 

A collaborator and friend of mine called James F Reynolds gave me the introduction to BTS when he thought my writing style would suit what they were looking for, after some long hard writing sessions BTS accepted 2 songs from us, which we then completed with input and collaboration from the team in Korea, it’s always an absolute pleasure to work with them.

Check out the music video to 'Try Me' by Marcus McCoan.

How was it hearing a song you helped to write sang by 60000 people in an arena?

Mind blowing, it was an emotional moment where I felt mainly gratitude towards everyone that has helped me so far in my career, family / friends and colleagues.

What is your upcoming single Chemicalinspired by? 

It’s about a lot of things, love, unity, but mainly I wanted to write a song with the aim of making people feel the same euphoria that I feel when I play the song. It’s a song about giving myself to things, I suppose that message can be taken in multiple ways.

Are you excited to have been on the road supporting the iconic Natalia Imbruglia? Could there be a potential collaboration in the works?

Absolutely! The tour has been amazing, Natalie & her team have been brilliant and so welcoming, every show has offered something new and all of the venues have been great. We’ve also been blown away by her fans, who have been so accepting and genuinely lovely. It’s been a pleasure to meet so many new people and get their reactions to the music.. as a support artist you can’t always be sure on the reaction you’ll get but genuinely every city has been great and people’s feedback has really meant a lot to me.

I mean a collaboration with Natalie Imbruglia is something anyone would love to have on their career CV and it would be an honour, she’s such an icon and a professional. Our entire team have been blown away by her performances. Her voice is incredible live and she brings such an energy (on and off stage), I imagine writing and/or performing a song with her would be a lot of fun! Never say never I guess.

What are you planning for next year? 

Where to start…? I’m so excited for the year ahead. I have my first single & music video out before Christmas and then several to follow between now and next summer. I have plenty of shows to announce soon, some really exciting events and opportunities and a couple of very special announcements in the new year as well, so in short… there is a LOT to look forward to from here!






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