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Maggie Service

25th July 2023

Interview: Amy Bell

Photographer: The Other Richard

Hair & Make Up: Rebecca Richards

Styling: Arabella Boyce

With the return of 'Good Omens' coming back on our screens later this week. We chat to the lovely Maggie Service who played Sister Theresa Garrulous in the hit Prime TV show. Service chats to us about returning to the role, working with David Tennant and Michael Sheen and what we can expect from season two.

Hi Maggie, thanks so much for talking to ReVamp, growing up, was acting always an ambition for you?

Hi, it’s great to be here. I found out you could be an actor when I was five years old, watching a school production my brother was in of ‘Guys and Dolls’ and in the interval my Mum explained to me that Miss Adelaide had been her part… ‘just like how Daddy goes to the office for work, that was my job’ and I remember thinking ‘Well I’m doing that then!’ And I’ve never looked back since. I’m so grateful to have had that information early in life.

Do you remember the first thing you acted in, and when did you know you wanted to do this as a profession?

I was seven when I first played a part in the local church hall. I loved getting dressed up and transforming into a character. It felt so exciting and absolutely the thing I knew I would spend the rest of my life doing. We’re very lucky in our industry that our job is also a vocation so even though it can be hard work it normally still fills up a corner of your soul.

You are starring in Good Omens 2 (sequel to Good Omens on Amazon Prime), - you had a small(ish) role first time round and now a much bigger role for this season – how did that come about?

Yes, I played Sister Theresa Garrulous in Season One, a satanic nun with a large sprinkling of facial hair and I loved every second of it. I honestly thought there would only be that standalone season as we’d told the entire story of the book so it was a huge surprise to receive an email from Neil Gaiman in the middle of the pandemic, when it seemed impossible that the creative industry would ever be able to operate again, telling me that not only was he writing season two but that he was writing a part for me and naming her Maggie so that there would be no confusion when it came to casting. He gave me the gift of hope in that moment and then the world shifted enough that we actually got to film it too.

Check out the trailer to the second season of 'Good Omens'.

It is coming out on July 28th, and is highly anticipated, what are you most looking forward to the release?

I’m really excited to witness the fans reactions. I keep saying ‘I think, I hope, I know they’re going to love it’ I really hope they do. I feel like Neil wrote season one for his dear friend and collaborator Terry Pratchett and season two feels like it’s written for the people who have taken the story into their hearts.

You are playing a female lead, does this make you more nervous?

I guess there’s more pressure than an a role you just pop up in, but equally I totally trust Neil’s writing so at a certain point you have to not think about the pressure involved and just tell the story.

You star alongside David Tennant and Michael Sheen, how was it starring with much-loved actors?

Their portrayals of Crowley and Aziraphale are iconic. In season one I didn’t have any scenes with them so we just a brief hello in the Green Room and this season, even though we’d rehearsed and been on set together in costume when we did the first take and the characters got to actually speak to each other onscreen for the first time it was a real moment. 

What is next for you?

I’ll be doing a musical version of Roald Dahl’s The Witches at the National Theatre later this year. I’ve never been part of developing a new musical so it’ll be an exciting experience to be part of.

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Good Omens season 2 premiers 28th of July on Amazon Prime.

This interview was conducted prior to the SAG Strike.

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