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13th September 2022

Interview: Amy Bell

Opening on a cathartic bed of strings, the track quickly builds into a cavernous space to home the undeniably unique vocals of Maggie, set to soundtrack the emerging world of alternative pop this 2022. Creating a euphonous blend of electronic leaning pop music, somewhat resonant of British music artist and pioneer Imogen Heap, ‘Paralyzed’ presents itself as single able to transcend time in due symmetry to Heap’s iconic hits.The track is an all-encompassing sonic experience offered by Maggie, with her 360-degree approach to music as a writer, producer and vocalist. With the proportion of men to women producer ratio being heavily one-sided, not only is Maggie’s music authentic to her to the highest degree but also a reminder of the vast craftmanship behind this budding female artist.

Thanks so much for talking to us, let’s take it back, who inspired you to create music and what was your life like growing up?

I come from a Serbian/Norwegian household in the suburb of Oslo. Where two cultures merged with my mother being the steady rock that held everything together, while my father taught me to play the piano and perform at an early age which made me fall in love with music and wanting to learn more about it.  

Is music something you have always wanted to go into and if you couldn’t do music, what direction would you have headed towards?

Music has always played a huge role in my life, but there was a time I was extremely into dancing and theatre. If I couldn’t do music, I'd probably take acting classes. I think it’s a fascinating profession. 

You have a new single ‘Paralyzed’, out now, what was the inspiration behind this song?

"All I wanted was a Paradise" is a metaphor and can be interpreted in several ways, but in the big picture it’s about a bad trip where I describe the desperate feeling that arises when things don’t go as expected.

It is due to be on your EP in January, why did you decide to release this as a single beforehand, as the first installment? 

There is something about the contrast of strings mixed with a playful flow in the vocals. Taking the song to a place of unpredictable directions which has become a solid pattern in my music making. Paralyzed is a good introduction of what’s to come.

Check out the music video to 'Paralysed' by Maggie.

What was the creative process like behind the track, recording/writing? 

Paralyzed came to life during lockdown. I happened to be flipping through channels on the TV and came upon a commercial that had some interesting chords. 

I quickly entered my little “bedroom studio” and laid down some chords on my computer. I usually work based on intuition so the melody came pretty fast as well with the lyrics. 

Who got to hear the song first? 

I guess my mom. She listens to everything I do before I send it out to my team, haha.

What has the feedback been like since the release?

I’ve received a lot of lovely feedback from all over, both in Norway and internationally so I'm very grateful and happy that people enjoy the song!    

Can you give us a sneak peek of what we can expect from the EP?

A playful universe where I show vulnerability and energy. I want to evoke experiences through the melodies and lyrics I create where the listener can both appeal, be inspired and open up to reflection. 

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