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Louis Knight

27th June 2022

Interview: Amy Bell

Photographer: Zoe Sher

Wardrobe: Sky JT Naval

Singer/Songwriter Louis Knight is ready to heat up the charts with his new heartfelt single “Burn This All Down.” The single was released in April, along with a must-watch fiery music video. “Burn This All Down” details Louis’ personal journey over the past couple of years, taking a step back from his love of music during the height of the pandemic due to the difficulty of the industry highs and lows. After feeling lost and consumed by fear, Louis was able to find his niche sound and rebuild himself from the ground up as the one-of-a-kind artist he was truly meant to be. The new song marks the first page of Louis’ next chapter of music: an emotionally charged 6-track EP to be released later this year.

His passion and talent led him to work with music industry icons including 6x Grammy-winning mix engineer Michael Brauer (Coldplay/John Mayer), as well as talented music producer Matt Weber. Having an eclectic range of influences including Lewis Capaldi, Niall Horan, James Arthur, Dean Lewis, and Tom Grennan; Louis brings a unique and authentic sound while writing music that speaks to the universal longings of hope and perseverance.

Hi Louis, how did music become part of your life and who did you listen to growing up? 

It was my dad who really got me into music growing up. As cliche as it sounds, I’ve been singing andtrying to write for my whole life. I wrote my first song that I was proud of at 14, and since then, really fellin love with the process and therapy of it all.Growing up, I listened to a lot of Oasis, Queen, and Coldplay. 

You have recently released a new single ‘Burn This All Down’, what is this song about, and what is themessage behind it? 

‘Burn This All Down’ is about me losing both myself and my relationship with songwriting during thepandemic. It was the first time that I’ve dealt with significant anxiety and depression. It’s about metrying to find my way out of that place and the frustration that comes along with it.

What is your writing and recording process like when you are creating music?

I typically begin the writing process on the piano or guitar and just start singing randomly to find whatI’m trying to say. It’s always been a source of therapy for me, and I’m fortunate to have this as anoutlet.With recording, I bring the song to a producer and we build out the track together! 

You have a fiery music video out in line with this song, how did you start to visualise this music video? 

We went with quite a literal metaphor. There obviously needed to be fire in the video, so we werethinking of what to do. A lot of the song is about my relationship with songwriting and trying to navigatemy career, so I thought, “what if we light a piano on fire”. Luckily, my great friend and director, DannyGevirtz, was all for it!

Your next single ‘Maya’ was just released on the, how is this different from ‘Burn This All down? 

‘Maya’ takes a step away from frustration and mental health. It tells the story of falling in love in theNetherlands and wanting to stay in that moment forever. It’s about that place where you decide to goall in with someone. 

A new EP will be following later this year, describing it as an emotive 6-track EP, can you give us asneak peek of the journey so far with this EP?

 It’s been the most fun to write and record and the most creative of anything I’ve ever put out. I’ve beenholding on to some of these songs for up to two years, so I’m so excited to get this out.

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