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Lo Lauren

13th September 2023

Interview: Elijah Kang

Photo Credit: MOJA

The rising pop sensation, Lo Lauren, has released a second single named “Only One on Earth”, featuring her now iconic and anthemic vocals with a nostalgic yet simultaneously timeless sound. This upbeat track is seamlessly contrasted against her introspective exploration of rejection and unrequited love, of which Lo Lauren conveys so sincerely. Garnering over 100,000 streams on her platforms has led her to be recognised by BBC Radio 1, and be nominated for their “Track of the Week”. 

Thank you for talking with ReVamp! Can you tell us a bit more about your new single and what inspired it?

My new song ‘Only One on Earth’ is about getting rejected and the feelings that follow a setback like that - embarrassment, loneliness, regret, feeling like you’re never going to meet someone, like nobody else understands. It was inspired by unrequited love in general, as well as my own experiences of being rejected. I like to take inspiration from lots of different places.

You said the music video gives “zombie apocalypse vibes” and it certainly does when you see how empty Oxford Street looks. Do you believe that music videos can help tell your story better, or is it just a fun way to express yourself?

For me I am always thinking about how a song can come to life visually. I definitely see music videos as a way to further explore the themes in a song and help people understand the emotion behind it. It just happens to also be so fun and literally one of my favourite things to do haha!

Both of your singles are so upbeat compared to their meanings. Is this a deliberate choice to convey deeper messages below a light-hearted sound?

100%. I love the juxtaposition between a feel good track and a sad concept. I think music is cathartic and it’s really important to me that people can express their emotions and what they’re feeling, but hopefully feel better after listening.

What do you find to be the most rewarding aspect of making music for you?

Making it and playing it. Writing songs is a really surreal experience - it’s so hard and so easy all at the same time. I love making something out of nothing and by the end of the day having a song - its just cool! And making it with the people that I do, people I genuinely LOVE is so fun. Then of course getting to perform those songs, hearing people connect with them is amazing.

Social media can be important for promoting an artist’s music, as well as their individuality. Do you feel that it has played a helpful role in this for you?

Social media is an amazing tool for showing people who you are and what you’re making and I try to do just that. Show people my songs, bits of my life, what I like to wear etc - it helps people to get to know you and I guess that then helps them understand the songs more. It’s also encouraged me to be more confident - I never thought I’d be standing on the street asking people to listen to my song but here we are!

If you weren’t a musician right now, what else do you think you would be doing?

Probably acting. I love performing arts and it’s something that I do want to get into one day.

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