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Lo Graham

3rd June 2022

Interview: Jordan Arthur

Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

“Scream queen” and star of brand new Blumhouse zombie movie Unhuman, Lo Graham is a Louisiana gal taking the sci-fi and horror world by storm. Lo joins ReVamp to talk about her  career in Hollywood, and the booming film scene in her hometown.

Hi Lo and thanks for talking to ReVamp! You’re just about to star in a new horror movie from Blumhouse, Unhuman. Zombie survival stories have only grown in popularity in recent years, what do you think makes them so appealing?

Hi! Thanks for having me. It’s so much fun to throw a group of high school students into a fight to survive and watch how they overcome obstacles. As an actor, it’s exciting to put yourself in those high-intensity circumstances and I think the audience enjoys the heightened reality as well. Our director, Marcus Dunstan, had an incredible vision for this film and it was amazing to watch this “deadly” film come to life. 

Unhuman brings the fun and scares you’d expect from a Blumhouse movie, but does so against a colourful backdrop with some quirky characters. What can you tell us about your character Jacey?

Jacey is the popular girl in our Breakfast Club-like bunch. She’s dating the jock, Danny, and really finds her identity wrapped up in the high school world. Through this fight to survive, Jacey learns a lot of lessons and finds an independence that she didn’t have before. In the trailer, you see Jacey break her nose in the bus crash. That was the first of many lessons Jacey learns that forces her to focus less on the value of appearance and more about what’s inside the heart. 

Check out the trailer to 'Unhuman'.

You’ve said before how you’ve become an unintentional ‘scream queen’, yet you’ve carved a career in that genre. Do you think as a Louisiana girl – with its emerging film scene (more on this in the next Q) and ideal shooting locations – it was just meant to be?

I’m honored to be considered a scream queen. This genre has become so well-loved and the fans of Blumhouse are so passionate. A lot of the horror and sci-fi I’ve worked on has been in Louisiana. New Orleans is the perfect backdrop for all the spooky, horror stories. And honestly, I think my doe-eyed look is the perfect contrast to the monsters and villains I’ve encountered in my work. 

Indeed it was in New Orleans you appeared in Seth Rogan’s This Is The End. Was that the first time you’d been catapulted into the sky or?...

You know, it was the first time and I have to say I liked it up there! Filming This Is The End was a heavenly experience. Getting to do my own stunt work for the rapture scene and working with Seth Rogan as a fellow actor and director was a master class in comedy. 

You split your time between Louisiana and Hollywood – presumably because of the increasing number of opportunities at home as well as in LA. Do you see the sort of decentralisation of the movie business increasing going forward, and do you see that a positive thing as an artist?

Absolutely. I think the industry has become so virtual with the casting process that it’s increased the opportunity to find talent from all over the world. New Orleans, Atlanta, and the southeast, in general, are booming with film and television due to the tax incentives. That has brought about a large pool of talented artists in those markets. I think it’s a beautiful thing to be able to have an acting career not only in Los Angeles but also in other states that have so much to offer. 

You’ve already had some great roles in your career, including Filthy Rich. What have you got your sights set on for the future, are there any stories out there that you’re particularly keen to tell?

Recurring as Young Margaret, the younger version of Kim Cattrall’s character on Filthy Rich, was a dream role for me. The flashback was set in the south in the 70s and was such a beautiful story. I love period pieces and the wardrobe and design that comes along with it. I would love to play a character in the 1950s/1960s or Old Hollywood. But for now, I'm excited to continue telling stories I'm passionate about and challenge myself by diving headfirst into every new role. 

Unhuman is now streaming on Paramount Plus!

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