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Lizzie Hosking

7th December 2023

Interview & Digital Editor: Pankhuri Bhutani

2023 has seen the release of Lizzie Hosking's latest offerings "Stress You Out" and "Energy" which ganrered an accumulated response of a total of over 40,000 streams on Spotify. 

This year has been no small feat for the emerging artist, taking the stage across Adelaide and delivering electric performances to hundreds of gig goers. The end of 2023 will see Lizzie in a new light with a Christmas EP.

Lizzie Hosking grew up in the North of Adelaide pursuing her love of music through singing covers and performing every chance she got. Later in life Lizzie found her love for song-writing and storytelling. 

She recently indulged her most vulnerable feelings projecting them through her latest single "Fire".

Accentuating the feeling of moving out of that honeymoon stage and feeling comfortable with your person, "Fire" acts as a plea to one's partner for some excitement before they “burn out.”

The track is a warm, soft and new sound for Lizzie Hosking, the gentle groove and airy vocals make for a wholesome, easy listening, pop track. 

Hosking recorded this track with Joseph Cheek at Island studios and wrote this song earlier this year, posting it on social media with an immensely excited reception. 

Utilising juxtaposing instruments like the strings and the trap drums create a new sound that compliments Lizzie’s vocals, Lizzie also stated that this track was the closest to her own personal listening as she has ever been before and truly is one of the tracks through which she can say that she has successfully found her sound.

We recently had a chat with the talented Lizzie Hosking about her brand new single "Fire".

So lovely to have you here at ReVamp, Lizzie. How are you doing? How has 2023 been for you?

2023 has been an amazing year so far!! I've been really music focused and working hard on producing some great new songs that I am super proud of! I'm so excited for the rest of the year and the releases coming up!

Now that 2023 is almost at the end, what according to you has been the most memorable moment of this entire year?

I was lucky enough to teach some students at a great school this year about music. Seeing their involvement and excitement for music really ignited a spark in me, I was inspired and learnt so much!

Huge congratulations on your new track "Fire". I know the song revolves around those exciting and novel initial stages that one experiences during a relationship but I would love to know how the idea for the song came into existence?

It is actually so funny, my partner and I both have our birthday on the same day in late July, making us Leo's and "Fire" signs, so the idea of writing a song about fire came from him, and the topic of burn out in relationships has been something I have struggled with in the past so I knew this topic could be personal for me and us. I loved writing elements throughout the song that revolved around "Fire" and all things hot, it made it super easy to write and exciting. My favourite example of this was during the bridge, lines like "Coffee on a sunday morning, fire on a winter night... beaches in the summertime, etc." all things hot!! Keeping the relationship hot and that fire burning was
a fun idea which really wrote itself.

Would you say the final product that you witnessed matched up with the initial visualization you had in mind for the song?

Absolutely, I wanted it to be airy and beautiful and have a full production of strings and really build. My producer Joseph always does an amazing job of bringing my muddled up ideas into a beautiful track.

How was the recording process for "Fire" like? Did you face any challenges or did everything go smoothly?

The whole process was really smooth, I was stuck on making the last chorus pop a little bit more, so I went home and tried to come up with some ideas and was stuck. So I tried again on the way to the studio the next morning and came up with what is now my favourite melody in the song.

Releasing several phenomenal tracks, how would you say have you evolved as an artist since the conception of your artistic journey?

I have evolved so much over the last 3 years, I have learnt so much and have really found the type of music I enjoy writing, I've dabbled over a few different genres and really found myself in the pop/rnb field. I am really proud of the products I have produced this year and "Fire" is the perfect representation of the type of music I love listening to. Artists like Victoria Monet and Ariana Grande have really inspired me and I
think this can be seen throughout my writing.

"Fire" has been out for merely a few days and has already picked up quite a positive response from around the world! What has been your reaction to the immensely amazing reception you are currently garnering from your supporters? 

I am always insanely grateful for the love and support I receive, I am sending one of my new merch shirts off to Canada which has blown my mind. I am so happy that Fire is getting the love it deserves because I truly believe this is one of my best songs. 

Where do you garner your music influences from and who are the top 3 artists on your playlist currently?

I definitely think Ariana Grande, Victoria Monet and Amber Mark are my three biggest artists, their ability to story-tell whilst also creating Amazing! beats and melodies have always inspired me. I have also been super inspired by Soul and Funk music recently. I love how artists are able to use lyrics and melody rhythmically and play with chords to create something amazing.

What's next for you, Lizzie? Anything on your bucket list for the year 2024?

Before we get to 2024 I will be releasing a Christmas EP. I've worked really hard on these songs and have always been a huge Christmas lover, so finishing off this year with some jingle bells and whistles is super exciting! As for 2024, I am working hard on an album and will be working hard to release that before I move across the pond for a year, I am heading to the UK to continue my music career!

(Thank you for taking out your time for this interview, Lizzie!) Lastly, is there any message that you'd like to convey to your supporters currently reading this interview?

Thank you so so much for supporting me, I appreciate every single person who listens! Get keen for Christmas and 2024!

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