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Lily Moore

31st May 2023

Interview: Amy Bell

Photo Credit: Claryn Chong

Lily Moore is here to tell us her biggest news yet! She's dropping her own podcast called 'The Moore The Merrier: A Podcast On How To Survive' and to make things even better she's also dropped an acoustic version of 'Never Wanted You More'

We spoke to Moore about about her new upcoming podcast, what we can expect from it and the message behind her latest single.

Thanks so much for talking to ReVamp. You’re getting ready to launch your own podcast: ‘The Moore The Merrier: A Podcast On How To Survive’. What was the idea of the podcast and how did it come about?

Thank you for having me! I got the idea to start a podcast after realising how much me and all my mates were lying about being good and life being great, when I knew we all bloody well weren't. We would all sit down the pub going ‘yeah yeah life is soooo great’ until a few hours later, when eventually someone would admit to being a bit shit. Then we would all start telling the truth. I realised then it's always easier to say how you feel after someone else has, so I thought why not make a podcast that says it all first so you don’t have too. I want it to feel like that sort of chat down the pub with your mates - comforting but not patronising. Just a little arm round the shoulder that makes you realise actually we’re all slightly fucked in our own ways. 

It’s so exciting, and podcasts are such a big trend right now, what’s your favourite podcasts to listen to, and where did you draw the inspiration from?

Where there's a Will with Kathy Burke Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster obviously incredible The Wolf and Owl with Romesh Ranganathan and Tom Davis, Kathy Burke is simply my hero. Her podcast is all about dying but somehow still makes you feel good. Off Menu is one of my favourites too. Food is a big deal for me. I actually have a big food section in my podcast but you’ll have to listen to find out more… The Wolf and Owl is also amazing so defo check that out too. Once when I was on the tube listening to it, it made me laugh to the point that tears were coming out my eyes and a woman moved away from me looking really scared. That was a low point - so be careful with that one.However my addiction to podcasts is actually not good for my music career because I’m so busy checking for new episodes I totally miss new songs coming out. How embarrassing of me!!!! 

Can you talk a bit about your music career? Was music something you always wanted to go into, and how has your music changed since then?

Ahh yes. It’s been fairly tumultuous. I got signed to a major label as a teenager but decided to stay and finish college in Brighton until I was 18. I just felt I needed to live a bit more life before I could start writing my songs. After I was done with college, a BTEC in songwriting and my best mates in hand I moved to London and got to writing my first EP and mixtape. You can only really ever write about what you know about, which at the time was just kissing boys and drinking tinnies down the beach which is why my early music is a bit more naughty. But life does like to take the piss. Waiting until you're comfortable and happy before turning it on its head. So after lockdown and a few other little left hooks to my confidence, I wasn’t sure who I was anymore or what I was doing. Truthfully I was broken. It felt like by not being a musician for those couple of shitty years I had lost my first ever and biggest love. But from being so fed up and lost I ended up writing the best songs of my life. That’s probably why the new songs sound more grown up. 

It’s really all I’ve ever wanted to do and the only thing I’ve ever been good at. Apart from baking carrot cake. 

Check out the video to the acoustic version of 'Never Wanted You More' by Lily Moore.

What is ‘Never Wanted You More’, portrayed on, and what was the creativity process like of the songwriting to the recording?

I call it my love song for anxious people. People like me who overthink everything to the point they don’t even know how they feel anymore and scare themselves out of it. It’s just about throwing caution to the wind and shouting YEAH I DO FANCY YOU without worrying about what happens after. Something that if you're an anxious queen like me can be hard to do. I wanted the production to be big and bossy and unafraid.

Do you think that you’ll want to blend the two together, maybe by doing a singing podcast segment?

Haha!!! I actually could do to be fair. Would save a bit of money too if I can just sang a new theme song on the spot every week. Sounds quite mad actually.

With so many things going on, what have you learnt about balancing the time out of your day?

I can’t say I have got the hang of it at all but I would say that the start of the day is soooo important. I feel like a massive dick for saying that but it is true. The one thing I do every day is I sit and do my morning pages. You just write 3 pages of whatever comes to your brain, no more and no less. It’s crazy how much comes out that you maybe didn’t even realise you were thinking about. And then it’s up to you, what to take with you into your day and what you want to leave behind. Make sure you do it with a massive coffee and some delicious buttery marmite toast so you’re still having a bit of fun. 

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You can catch Lily on her tour in September...

Catch Lily live:
1 st July – Barn On The Farm, Gloucestershire+
14th July - Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland+
4th August - Haldern Pop Festival, Germany+
7 th September – Lighthouse, Deal*
8 th September – The Half Moon, Bishops Stortford*
9 th September – Rossi, Brighton*
11 th September – Louisiana, Bristol*
12 th September – Temperance, Leamington Spa*
14 th September – Oporto, Leeds*
15 th September – Plot 22, Sheffield*
16 th September – E-Rooms, Skelmersdale*
17 th September – Little Buildings, Newcastle*
19 th September – Lower Third, London^

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