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15th May 2024

Photographer, Editor-in-chief & Interview: Owen James Vincent

Stylist: Hanya Kamhawi

Styling Assistant: Marti Salip Ventura

Photographer Assistants: Sian Davies & Emily Durham

Lexii wears Jumpsuit by Yuchen Yuang & Rings by Cernucci

Growing up in The Midlands, currently living in London and now jetting off around the world performing at huge events. Lexii knows how to spin the record and keep the crowd jumpin'. 

Lexii joins us today to talk about going down the DJ route, highlight career moments and how he overcomes the issues he faces as a queer DJ.

Lexii! We are so happy to have you here at ReVamp Magazine. You’re a DJ who has performed at places such as Mighty Hoopla and False Idols only to name a few. What made you decide to go down the DJ path?

I have always had deep love for music, all kinds, and especially the conductor of that being the DJ through partying and raving. I idolised the craft for real. Always front centre in any set. I guess I just felt I might have a taste level that I’d like to share as it could resonate with others. I’d been a dancer and modeling for a while, and though I loved it (and still do), I didn’t feel I was pushing my full creative potential, so I decided I wanted to learn something new, something different. Thus, a few years back, I began lessons at London Sound Academy, and the rest has been steadily snowballing ever since—my love, passion, and all that.

How would you describe your sound in three words?

Eclectic - passionate - fun 

What would you say are the most important things about being a DJ?

I think one of the most important things about being a DJ that I've found is being flexible, being a quick thinker, and also being adaptable to change. There are so many parts and components to playing out live and the industry that, when you're just beginning and loving your craft and honing your craft, you obviously don't know these things yet. I definitely think being adaptable to new situations, new people, and also just being ready and willing to constantly learn and push your creativity is crucial. I think those are the things that make being a DJ exciting, terrifying, but amazing.

Lexii wears Jacket by Feng Chen Wang & Rings by Cernucci

What would you say is the highlight of your career at the moment?

I’ve had some cute 'pinch me' moments, like I’m constantly pinching myself. I would never have imagined in my dreams that this little ‘Lexii’ thing was going to roll into this, but I think definitely playing at the MTV European Music Awards after-party and also playing at the GQ Man of the Year Awards were both just nuts. To be in a room with the people that I’ve watched and looked up to on TV, or listened to, and see them vibing to my set and just being like, 'How did I get from my bedroom and the teacher’s studio a couple of years back to this?'—so that blows my mind now. I’ll never not be gassed when I find myself in these kinds of situations because these things are so out of the norm for me, and I’m just so appreciative of what’s come and what’s hopefully coming—it’s very encouraging. Also, on a smaller scale, just looking out and seeing my people dancing like their life depends on it and sweating just as much as I am, is one of the most incredible feelings—it’s indescribable.

Your fashion choices are gender-neutral! Who inspires you?  

I think I’ve always been inspired by life, the life I’ve led, and the music I grew up with. In the Midlands, I had older cousins and aunts who would listen to Aaliyah, TLC, and Ginuwine, along with lots of R&B and hip-hop heartthrobs from the '90s in the '00s, and the UKG/bassline scene of the Midlands. I just always wanted to emulate that style in a way that felt authentic, sat right on me, and reflected who I am now. I think I try to incorporate elements of that into how I dress now, blending with more modern, recent fashion aesthetics I’ve adapted and love, which I hope makes for something authentically me. Because that is all I can be. Sometimes it's not about being gender-neutral as a stance for me (though I do believe in it), but more like thinking, 'That cropped top looks sick, and I think it’ll look sick on me,' so for that reason, I’m going to wear it. I’m just seeing clothes, fabric, a vibe, or an aesthetic that I want at that time—so an M/F label is not going to stop me from looking sexy, lol. Also, shout out to @olivervolquardsen, who was one of the first people to start working with me styling-wise and cultivating my look. My fashion mentor, for real.

Lexii wears Top by Lag World & Trousers by Stylist

What would you say are the toughest things as a queer DJ and how do you overcome that?

I've found about being a queer DJ/talent who in my own opinion, is multifaceted—sound-wise, looks-wise, branding-wise—is being pigeonholed. As vast and amazing as the queer community is, it's still part of a larger world music community, and it’s that larger community that I want to also be a part of and represent myself and what I’m about to the fullest for everyone So peoples  perception of you, not necessarily being how you want it to be or had thought can be jarring . You know, having to work doubly hard to let everyone see all shades of you so they can really  know who you are- and what your about  as well as still representing proudly for the (black/queer) communities your part . There are a lot of different ins and outs, but it’s all part of the journey, and I’m down for the ride. So it’s cool .

Lastly, what’s next for you LEXII? As the summer approaches where can we expect to see you?

I have some exciting dates coming up in this summer which I’m looking forward to, but I’m also so sceptical to say all my dates - as it still feels like such a dream to be doing any of this still haha . I don’t wanna jynx it, but I can say that I’ll be in Berlin, Ibiza, Croatia and maybe some more . But I can’t say anymore! I don’t want bad juju. Also original music from me too in the future. I’m think I’m ready to let people know what my sound is really saying. So keep a look out!

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