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Lexi Mariah

10th August 2022

Interview: Amy Bell

Lexi Mariah chats to us about her latest single 'Queen of Broken Hearts' and all things music.

Hi Lexi, thanks so much for talking to ReVamp, where did the passion for music come about? 

Hi! Thank you so much for having me! So, my love and passion for music goes all the way back to when I was really little. I always loved being creative and always wanted to be involved in performing arts throughout my childhood, whether that be through dance or acting or music. I did it all. I was also introduced to live music at a really young age and I always looked up to the people performing on stage, no matter who they were. I respected them for doing what they do, and I just wanted to be like them. When I got a bit older, I found that I really enjoyed learning new instruments and I fell in love with songwriting. I’d say that overall, the passion that I have for music really just stems from being around it and involved with it in some way for literally my entire life. 

Do you remember the first album you ever bought and what was it? 

Yes! It was Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway” album. I was 6 years old and I remember listening to it in the car with my mom after I bought it with my own birthday money, haha! The first real concert I ever went to was also Kelly Clarkson! 

Congrats on your new single ‘Queen of Broken Hearts’, living in a society, where social media plays a huge role in breaking people's hearts as such, what inspired this single?

“Queen of Broken Hearts” was inspired by an exhausting relationship that I used to be in. This person basically acted like they thought that the world revolved around them. They would always twist my words and try to manipulate situations to make me out to be the bad guy, when I wasn’t actually the one in the wrong. The relationship reminded me of a game, and the person reminded me of a sore loser who couldn’t accept the fact that they won’t always win. I really touch on this thought in the second verse with the lyrics, “you roll the dice, then don’t wanna move your space. Always changing rules, make them fit you as you play.”

Can you tell us a bit about the recording/writing process for this single?

I recorded “Queen of Broken Hearts” at Factory Underground Studio and worked alongside such a fantastic team! Kenny Cash did an incredible job producing, mixing and mastering this song, as well as my previous single “Demons”. We had Julian Gonzalez work with us as assistant recording engineer and Ben McNamara tracked some guitar for this song. They both did amazing work and brought so much to this track. This is the second song I’ve recorded at Factory Underground, and I get more excited for the next project each time!

I love how you use the queen card games to portray this, when did you decide this was the right time for it to be released?

Ah thank you so much! I really just wanted to release it as soon as possible once it was finished. I uploaded it to my distributor an hour after Kenny Cash sent me the final mix. I didn’t waste any time haha. I created and carried out the entire release plan by myself, so that really took a lot of time and planning.

Gaslighting in relationships is horrible, how did this change your outlook on your future relationships and what message do you want to send across to your listeners? 

I think that every experience I have with a toxic person just makes me more aware of the signs and more cautious in my future encounters. I’m glad that I’ve been able to learn how to stand up for myself when I’m faced with a toxic person. The message that I’d love for my listeners to take away from this song is just don’t take any BS from people. Always know your worth, know when someone is trying to manipulate you, and put them in their place.

When writing this single, did all of your emotions and memories from that relationship, come  back into your memory of how it felt? 

Although I’m very much over that relationship, I allowed the emotions to come back enough so I could write this song, thoroughly tell the story and portray how I was feeling during that time. It’s funny because I started writing this song a while back when I was still dealing with that relationship, and by the time I finished the song, the person was long gone out of my life. Also, I re-wrote the song four different times!

What is next for you?

I’m excited to get back in the studio soon! I just want to write, record and release as much music as I possibly can. I’m working towards releasing an EP and definitely a lot more singles, so be on the lookout!

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