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Lee Latchford-Evans

With an impending UK arena tour with his Steps bandmates and a new baby due to be welcomed into the world with his wife, it’s fair to say Lee Latchford-Evans has a lot to look forward to - and is set to become very busy!

We caught up with one-fifth of one of the UK’s most successful pop groups to discover the secrets of the new album and tour, reminisce on some of his favourite Steps deep cuts and reflect on the ever evolving music industry…

Hello Lee! It’s so exciting to be speaking with you. 

You’re welcome and great to be talking to you.

The latest Steps record, What The Future Holds, has certainly been a welcome relief and treat for fans after the last year. What does it mean to you to be back promoting a new Steps era after the last year?

It’s great to actually have the album out and to have massive success with it. We’ve had number one singles on iTunes from it, it was an iTunes number one and album of the week. The album went to number two on the official album chart as well which was amazing.

What The Future Holds is full of classic, shimmery Steps tunes. Can you tell us what your favourite songs from the album are? 

When we first heard the demo version of What the Future Holds, written by Sia, we all knew that this was the benchmark for our new album. There are lyrics within the track saying “One foot in the past and one foot in the future’’. This was Steps in a nutshell, people love the nostalgia of Steps but we also had success with Tears on the Dancefloor so we knew we had more scope for future, modern tracks but had to keep the fun flavour of Steps. I would say What the Future Holds is my favourite track followed closely by Under My Skin and Hold My Heart.

You’ll also be releasing What The Future Holds pt2 in September. What can we expect and are there any songs in particular you’re looking forward to fans hearing?

You can expect a continuation of fun pop with some little surprises thrown in, I’m particularly keen to see the reaction to a track called Take Me For a Ride.

Steps turned 24 recently and you’re set to embark on another UK arena tour. Congratulations! Can you give us a taste of what we can expect from the tour?

Steps always love putting on a show and our shows are fun, extravagant, live, colourful and high energy but more importantly they involve the audience. We love seeing you guys dancing, letting your hair down and having fun (which is very much needed after the year we have all had). I will also say that a Steps concert is a safe space and a place where anyone and everyone are welcome to be their true authentic selves.

Speaking of Steps turning 24… the music industry has evolved quite drastically within that time. If Steps were to have first emerged onto the scene in 2021, do you think you would have still been able to establish the same legacy you have now? I can totally see Steps classic dance routines going viral as TikTok challenges…

I think Steps worked because there was nobody like us back in the day. We were like marmite, you loved us or you just didn’t get us. We were not trying to be the cool kids, we were just having fun, we all love performing, singing, some of us acting and we were given this incredible opportunity. If we started now maybe we would do ok with TikTok? Who knows? The world is very different now and we are having to change and adapt to all the technology and social media.

What are some of your favourite ‘deep cuts’ from past eras that weren’t released as singles? Were there any songs in particular that were nearly released? It was a bit of a moment for fans when Paradise Lost had its chance to shine on your last tour…

I think Love You More is a little gem that could have done well as a single. I would have liked Turn Around to shine a little more as well - maybe that’s just because I wrote it (laughs). But it was lovely to see the reaction that Paradise Lost got on tour.

Fitness is obviously a passion of yours. Do you think you would have pursued fitness full-time if Steps hadn’t worked out, or would you have continued to chase your dream to perform?

Performing and fitness have always been my passions from a very young age. I was offered a part in a musical when I was offered Steps and after training in Musical theatre for 5 years it was a very difficult choice. If Steps had not have worked out then I would have continued to push my acting and singing, like I still am now. I’ve performed on the West End and recently my fifth feature film has been released on DVD called Paintball Massacre. I’ve trained in Martial Arts since I was 8 years old and played football up until 17. I love training and fitness, I’m a qualified PT and now post fitness content on my @llefitness page on Instagram.

Finally, what does the future hold for you at the moment, Lee? Congratulations on the exciting news of you and your wife Kerry starting a family! 

Ha! I think you have just answered that question for me. Yes, we have a little one on the way in July so right now I’m knee deep in house room renovations and building lots of furniture in preparation. It’s a very exciting time but we are also both very nervous.

Regarding Steps, well we have a new album in September and then our arena tour [at the] end of the year, so if you haven’t already, go and get your tickets for what will no doubt be a great party to end the year.

Thanks Lee, all the very best with the tour and wishing for a safe and health arrival for you and Kerry’s baby!

Thank you so much. You take care!

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