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Lea G

8th July 2022

Interview: Amy Bell

Born and raised in the Austrian Mountains, Lea G first fell in love with music at the age of 6 when singing in her school choir. Now based in London, Lea made the move to pursue music full-time in Autumn 2019, where she attended a course in Songwriting and A&R at the Notting Hill Academy of Music. Lea’s songs are best characterised by their bold, yet relatable messages conveyed through catchy hooks and nostalgic melodies with influences ranging from Jeremy Zucker, and Sigrid to Florence and The Machine.

Her fresh pop energy collides with her acoustic style and angelic effortless vocals, emitting a comfortable and familiar aura. As an artist, Lea has accumulated over 10K followers across social platforms and 11k monthly listeners on Spotify via her unique take on bedroom pop, and an infectious and playful personality. Lea has no plans of slowing down any time soon. Her 2nd EP “SURVIVAL MODE”, featuring 5 songs about mental health, being different, and coping with being a young adult in today ́s world, is to release in 2022.

Thanks so much for talking to ReVamp, let’s go back a little, who first inspired you to create music and what was the first CD you ever bought?

I grew up listening to a lot of classical music so I think Mozart was one of my first musical heroes. At home, my mum would play me stuff from legendary acts like Nirvana and The Rolling Stones as well as later on Adele. When I was 11, I then found Ed Sheeran and he was who got me into songwriting. I first did it just for fun but then started taking it more and more seriously as I discovered my love for it over the years. 

I can't remember what the first CD I bought was, to be honest. I never had a TV growing up and when I got into music, I would listen to my Mum's CDs, watch YouTube Videos or just download the songs onto my iPod. One of the first albums I was obsessed with was definitely “+” by Ed Sheeran. 

Do you remember the first song you ever wrote and recorded and looking back, is it still the same music you create now?

I was lucky enough to be able to record some of my earliest songs with a family friend when I was 13 in his basement. At that point, I was heavily influenced by folk and guitar lead music. Although I have developed my songwriting and storytelling a lot since then, I still love the singer-songwriter genre and will forever be inspired by it.

What would you advise someone if they wanted to go into music?

Be yourself and work hard. Talent is worthless without hard work. 

Let’s talk new single ‘demons (only human)’, why the title name?

I wrote the song with my friend and producer BROOKFIELD last summer. When we had finished writing we thought of calling it many things but DEMONS just kinda stuck with us, even though the word isn't used in the lyrics of the song. That's why we decided to give it a second title - ONLY HUMAN.

Is this song from a personal story and what inspired you to create this?

I was in quite a dark place at that time because I didn't really let myself process everything that had happened in my life during lockdowns. As I slowly started feeling everything that needed to be felt, it was all very overwhelming and I felt quite lost inside myself for a while. Writing the song helped me process some of that stuff, and made it possible for me to be more vulnerable inside myself and in front of others, as I realised I am only human and facing my shadows would help me heal.

When you are writing and recording, what does the process look like?

To be honest, it looks a bit different every time. Sometimes I'll bring the song to the studio that is already written and just needs to be recorded and sometimes we come up with something on the spot, in which case I will go to the notes section on my phone to see what I´ve been inspired by recently/if there are any good song titles or lyrics I want to use or work on. And then everything else like recording a demo version to the finished song just kind of happens as we are writing. 

How do you promote your music and what would you say is the best platform for you?

In terms of getting my music out there, it is always different. I like to stay in touch with my fans on Instagram and TikTok because creating content on there just seems to come naturally to me. 

What is next for you? 

I will be releasing my 2nd EP “SURVIVAL MODE” on the 2nd of September and then I am going on a tour through Europe with my friend Jenem that month as well. I have been working on the next project and am excited about putting on a big headline show in London in November. There are also lots of other exciting things happening I can't tell you about just yet. Best just keep updated on Instagram!

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