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Lauren Lyle

9th October 2022

Necklace / Maria Black
Dress / Missoni

Photographer: Stewart Bywater

Interview & Editor: Owen James Vincent

Stylist: Ben James Adams 

Hair: Joe Pickering Taylor 

Makeup: Maria Asadi

Photographer’s assistant: Hannie McBride 

Stylist’s first assistant: Linda Houtsonen

Stylist’s second assistant: Fatima Koko

Cover Design: Emily Curtis

A big thanks to Georgia & Ellie from Public Eye & Sorcha Adamson from Arch The Agency

With  ITV drama 'Karen Pirie' coming to an end. We got to chat to Lauren Lyle about her time on the show, preparing herself for the role and behind-the-scenes stories.

Dress & Gloves / La Musa @ Cult Mia

Hi Lauren! Thanks for chatting with ReVamp Magazine. Has 2022 been good for you?

It has, i’ve been very lucky to travel a lot for work from LA to the very most Northern Island of of the UK so i’ve seen some amazing sights. A grey whale in California and a colony of grey seals in the North. It’s been such a good summer in London too. After working away loads it felt cool to reconnect with my friends and actually live in my newly renovated apartment.

Do you remember the first production you worked on?

My first ever proper acting job was The Crucible at The Old Vic on The West End. I couldn’t believe it. TV wise it was either a BBC comedy called Radges which was hilarious and written by now a very successful comedian Fern Brady. Or it was Holby City! An absolute right of passage for a UK actor, i’m honoured to have got an episode before it ended.

Shirt / Letoit

Trousers / ArmedAngels

Shoe / Grenson

You’re the lead role in the ITV crime drama ‘Karen Pirie’. How has the reaction been so far?

It been crazy. I’m quite overwhelmed, and even Twitter which can be a horrible place is largely very positive. I’m so happy everyone is loving it and despite not wanting to read reviews it is good to know even rival papers are agreeing that is a great show. I knew we were making a good thing and its such a relief now its finally out.

How did you prepare yourself for this role?

I read the scripts a million times, watched all the detective shows I could, and created my own big wall which outlined the case and all the suspects. It was very intense wrapping my head around the case and every little details but a real pleasure diving in and immersing myself. Then when it came to line learning it was just repetition repetition repetition. And then sometimes the pub alone, with a half pint and my script.

Jacket / Dagmar
Shoe / Grenson

What was it like to be part of Val McDermid’s world?

Very cool! She’s created such iconic characters and much loved worlds. I was slightly daunted a the prospect of playing a character so many already loved from the books knowing I might not be everyone’s Karen they imagined in their head, however having done it once with Marsali as a book character from Outlander I knew this was our version and people would hopefully honour that. Which they have. 

Do you think we need to see more female representation in big roles such as Karen's?

Always. I think telling this story through the lens of another young woman who also knows what it means to be nervous walking home at night is relevant and important. The case is very personal to Karen and the subject matter is to me, so i definitely feel proud to be opening up that conversation further into the mainstream. I’ve had lots of amazing messages from women saying that seeing a vanity free, funny, relatable woman on screen is so refreshing and reassuring.

Earrings / Maria Black
Dress / JC Pajares @ Cult Mia

Have you got any funny behind-the-scenes stories?

I got my parents into the final scene of the whole show as extras. It was quite special to bring them to work and show what I do. We did one take where we picked up half way through the scene and on one told my mum so she started acting out the very beginning of the scene. She stalled the whole take and accidentally got in Chris Jenks (The Mint’s) shot. Luckily the director through it was hilarious and filmed the whole thing. 

Lastly, have you got any plans for the rest of the year?

I have just finished another film and i’m preparing to go away to an Island to shoot another one which will take me up to Christmas. Then it will be Christmas dinners and sleep.

You can catch the last episode of 'Karen Pirie' on ITV tonight at 8pm or watch the whole season on ITV Hub.

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