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Laura Checkley

14th September 2023

Interview & Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Photography: Pip

You might recognize Laura Checkley from being on big hit TV shows such as King Gary, This Country, and Bridget Jones Baby. Checkley is back to chat about her role as Jackie in the new season of SCREW. 

Checkley tells her behind-the-scenes gossip, about working on This Country and more exciting projects that are coming up.

Hello Laura! Thanks for talking to us at ReVamp. Congratulations on the second season of SCREW! That’s very exciting. How is it to be back on set with the amazing cast?

It's always brilliant going back for a second series because you know there's an appetite for more. Not only that getting to explore your character further is always really exciting...but you know, seeing your cast mates and the crew again is really what i love. Like popping on an old pair of comfy slippers. 

What can we expect from season two with Jackie? Looking at the trailer it looks like Jackie is about to do something risky that could affect her job! 

The tone has really shifted this series for everyone. As always Jackie has some great one-liners but yeah you're right someone turns up from her past and puts her in a very difficult position. She goes on a real journey this series, dealing with some pretty difficult themes and through these tough storylines we get to see a vulnerability to Jackie that we didn’t the first time around. I was able to discover so much more of her; she’s a brilliant woman. The kind I’d like to hang out with down the pub. 

The show is known to be a drama but you must have some funny memories on set. Especially working alongside Derry Girls star, Jamie-Lee O’Donnell. 

Yeah, you know we have a lot of funny people in the cast so naturally we all muck about (when appropriate obvs) a bit. You'll often find Steve (who plays Gary) in one corner winding someone up and then me and Jamie in the other corner making up silly little dances. Just basically getting ready for when we're asked to pitch SCREW the musical LOL.

Another thing I have to talk about is you starred in BBC’s This Country with Daisy May Cooper and Charlie Cooper. I’m from Gloucestershire myself so watching the show I can relate to situations that happen in that area and the exact people who live there. How was it filming it?

Oh it was, of course, wicked fun. The moment i read the script I knew it was going to be special and so wanted to be a part of it. It's an iconic show, genius. I was only there one day but i had so much fun on set with Daisy and Charlie, they are top people. 

While you’re not acting you run a podcast called The Proper Class Podcast. What can you tell us about your podcast? 

The Proper Class Podcast basically celebrates working class success stories. For years now Hannah (my Co host) and I have talked endlessly about the inequalities of class and how that has effected us both professionally and personally.  We've always been immensely proud of our working class roots and so thought, why not do something positive. Why not celebrate and big up working class success stories. We've had some amazing guests- Vicky McClure, Romesh Ranganathan, Jess Phillips (MP) and my girl Jamie- Lee O'Donnell to name but a few. I think the assumption can be that being working class can be bleak or without hope and we wanted to change that narrative and hopefully inspire a few a long the way too. 

Lastly, what are your plans for the rest of the year? Where and when will we next see you? 

Well it's been an amazing year. I've been proper lucky working on back to back projects AND I got married in the middle of it all. So now, while I can, i've just stopped for a little breather. Well I say stopped, i'm actually writing on a couple of projects and then, then i'll stop...oh who am i kidding i can't wait to get back out there with something new...I hope. That's the brillaint and scary thing about what we do, you never know what's round the corner!

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