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24th October 2022

Interview: Amy Bell

Moving to London really broadened her perspective, which is something that’s immediately noticeable in ‘Oblivious’. Is it Ladybyrd’s own story? Is it another extension of a famous tale? Or is it a little of both? In some ways it’s irrelevant, for what is certain is that her observations are becoming more nuanced, more real and more relatable. That quality is present in the work of many of her favourite artists, such as Bon Iver, Gracie Abrams, Kate Bush, Maisie Peters, Phoebe Bridgers and Taylor Swift. Her Ladybyrd Loves playlist features a more diverse selection of influences with tracks from the likes of Wolf Alice, The National, Regina Spektor and You Me At Six.

When did you start getting involved in music and when did your music career start to evolve?

I’ve been learning music, singing and writing songs for as long as I can remember. I started showing my songs to people other than my family when I was about 13 and had some really encouraging teachers and friends who inspired me to continue creating. I also started to experiment with production with my teacher Danny Mills and got some great demos recorded which I was super excited about. Without my knowledge, my friend sent one of them to a contact of his in the music industry who had written and produced many hit records (Adrian Zagoritis) luckily he liked what he heard and I started working with him and his partner Torsten Stenzel, who is also a platinum-selling producer, straight after finishing my A-levels! We have made so much music and only three songs have been released so far so there is so much more to come.

Do you remember the first single you had ever written and how has your music changed since then?

The first single I wrote and released was ’Too Close To Call.’ I think my writing has stayed true to it, especially lyrically. But in terms of production, I’ve branched out from the indie-pop vibe to a more rocky and passionate sound with a lot more guitars!! Got some similar ones coming that are not too far away…

Congrats on your new single ‘Oblivious’, what does this single mean to you, and why did you want this to be the first single you released on your debut EP?

Thank you! This single is a very passionate song and means the world to me. It is markedly quite different from my previous two singles, as there is a rocky edge to it - so it has been particularly fun to perform live. I chose ‘Oblivious’ as the first single as it articulates a lot of the emotions that are explored further and given more context in the rest of my EP.

How long did it take for you to write and record? What was the recording and writing process like?

For every song, the process is different - for ‘Oblivious’ I had the chorus melody idea that I’d recorded in my voice memo app and my producer had a cool instrumental for the beginning of a song. The two went well together; we worked on it and it flowed well. We worked out all the melodies and decided on the title and then got the lyrics finished really quickly. Sometimes the process can be quite speedy without realising it because you’re in this creative trance - especially when the others you are working with are on the same page and help leads you to the best lyrics and melodies that you can muster.

When people are listening to ‘Oblivious’, what do you want people to think about? What do you think about, it when you are listening? 

In many ways, I think it is quite a reflective song. For me, I think about certain memories and situations where I have been innocent and hopeful but the circumstances have been harmful - a part of growing up. The lyrics depict a situation where your thoughts are at war and you are questioning everything. So, there is nothing specific I want people to think about, but more just to either escape from your current reality and thoughts - or, to delve into them deeper. People should interpret the song how they would like!

You describe your single as ‘finding things out in your relationship and there is a dark side to, did you ever have to go through that, and if you could give our readers one bit of advice, what would it be?

Yes, I took inspiration from this song from personal experience. My advice would be to remember exactly who you are and remember your worth! And have courage. Speak up and speak out, and turn to others for support to help you through.

You have your EP coming out in the Autumn, what can we expect? 

You can expect to both dance and cry - and get lost in the lyrics. I am incredibly excited for everyone to hear it!

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