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22nd August 2023

Interview: Amy Bell

Photography: T.S. Evering

Meet Krissy, the Manhattan-based pop singer whose lyricism and wicked beats will make you want to hit the dance floor immediately. From her early days singing in church to her pursuit of a music career at The New School in NYC, Krissy’s passion for creative outlets shines through her extensive inspirations and collaborations.

Her latest single, “Want To Want Me”, is the ultimate girls’ anthem of empowerment, delivering a powerful message, with heavy-hitting production to home this pop banger. With an upcoming EP, “Eat This Cake”, showcasing her emotional depth and musical prowess, Krissy is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the pop game.

Krissy! Welcome to ReVamp! Describe yourself in three words...

Hi, thank you for reaching out. Hmm 3 words..surprisingly shy, kind of intense, and a touch neurotic. My apologies, I’ve never been good at describing myself.

Growing up, was music always something you wanted to get involved in, and who inspired this?

Absolutely. Music has always been a part of my life. During my formative years, my father worked at Sony and I was lucky enough to be surrounded by great music. Records by Mariah Carey and Barbra Streisand were forever playing in the house.

I grew up singing in church, performing in school — it’s a part of my identity at this point. I was convinced at some point that I was going to be the next Disney Channel Star. On Saturday afternoons my family would play gospel music and we would all sing… creativity was always encouraged and the music was always eclectic.

Your new single 'Want to Want Me', is now out, what inspired this single?

A boy, haha…and self-growth. Life has been very cool lately. There’s been a lot of dating and music and learning about myself happening all at once. It has been fun experiencing it all and processing it through music. Want To Want Me was born out of a situation-ship, where I realized my self-worth. I will never beg you to be with me, I know what I bring to the table. Felt good to write a cheeky song and be like, “Take this as a warning.”

This song is all about girl empowerment, how do you feel empowered every day, do you have a routine and manifest?

I am most empowered after conquering a fear. Yesterday, I spoke to a group of strangers about my art, which felt empowering. When I’m working, doing what I love, attempting a difficult workout, or simply yea, not allowing my fears and anxiety to get in my way — I just feel very strong and beautiful. To me, that push to live outside of my comfort zone is my constant reminder to manifest and dream bigger.

What was the process of songwriting and recording this?

This particular song was probably one of the most exciting sessions I've had. I was lucky enough to record in LA, with producer Nick Belvis in his home studio, as opposed to tracking vocals on my own in NYC. It was seamless. Between Nick and my co-writer, Kiana, we had a blast expressing the very real frustrations of wanting to be chosen by a partner while also showcasing our self-worth and awareness. It was also just such a groovy song to dance to. We tracked the record for like 2 hours.

What is 1 thing you would tell your younger self, about recognizing your self-worth, how do you maintain this?

Oh gosh, there are so many things I wish I could tell my younger self!! I am slowly becoming proud of my present form and leaning beautifully into my flaws, which I wish I could tell her to embrace earlier. I wish I could tell her to stand up straight and tall and never hesitate or overthink her voice. I don’t always do a good job of this, but every day with practice, I simply just try.

What has the reaction been like for this single? 

It is always a good sign when my friends and my Mom like my song and they do. I have been working on the music video for Want To Want Me for a while now, and I just can't wait for everyone to dance to this one. The reactions thus far have been so sweet and encouraging. She's officially a bop!

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