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Words: Owen James Vincent

KoolKid had a great start of the year where a song he wrote for K-Pop BTS became gold in the UK and also ended up on the Billboard chart at number one.

We got to talk to KoolKid about taking the top 2 slots on the Billboard charts, artists he would love to work with and what his experience was like when he found out his song with BTS got to gold!

Hey KoolKid! How have you kept your mental health going during this time?

I have tried my best to look after my mental health by keeping a healthy diet, meditating and reading have also been a major help. Along with daily exercise, and being surrounded by good people. All of these definitely help you stay on track with a good mind set. 

Congratulations on your new single with Voost. How did it all come together and how did you come up with the beat? 

Thank you so much. I actually wrote 'Taste Of Your Love' on zoom during lockdown. I wrote it with Niklas Carson who is based out in Stockholm. We then sent it off to Voost and he put his magic production on top and created what you hear now. I love this track so much. 

How was the experience on finding out your song ‘Mikrokosmos’ on the album ‘Map of the Soul’ for BTS became gold in the UK? Congratulations by the way!!

It was such a surreal moment. I have worked non stop at this for years and always came to a wall of doubt, thinking that maybe I would never get to where I wanted to be. Then, over the past two years, working with BTS has changed everything and really shown me that I can achieve success as a songwriter. It’s truly amazing to be involved with such an iconic Boy Band. The fan base also, is literally the best in the world. Shout to ARMY! 

KoolKid showing his gold plaque for working with BTS (Image from @koolkidsongs)

Are there any singers that you would like to write with? And who are they?

I have always been inspired by people like Ed Sheeran, Ryan Tedder, Justin Bieber etc. I think if I could write and have the chance to work with any of those people I would have peaked. Max Martin is another major choice for me. He is incredible and literally wrote so many hits during his career. He is a god in the industry. 

You danced with The Weeknd at the Super Bowl. What was the experience like dancing with a huge star at a big event? 

OMG this is so funny. I actually posted this as a joke and EVERYONE believed me. I thought I’d post this up because the dancers were all wearing face masks. You literally couldn’t see anyones face so I decided to play a social media joke and say I was one of the dancers hahaha. I can’t dance. 

Lastly, what’s the future looking like? Are there any upcoming projects you can tell our ReVamp readers? 

The future is looking bright. I am excited to see restrictions being lifted and cannot wait to get back on stage. I miss performing so this will be top of the list. I am also working with some incredible artists for their new music and I cannot wait to announce it in the near future. New music is on the way and it’s going to be beautiful. 

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