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Kina Breaks Streaming Record With Get You The Moon

19th April 2024

You'll likely recognise the haunting melodies of Kina's 'Get You The Moon', a tune that's been making waves since its 2018 release. This viral sensation has permeated every corner of the digital landscape, from TikTok to Instagram, sparking countless trends and challenges with its melancholic lyrics and atmospheric soundscape.

But, have you ever delved into the story behind the song?

Meet Kina, a young artist hailing from Naples, Italy, who, at just twenty-four years old, has achieved a remarkable milestone: becoming the first Italian artist to hit one billion streams with an original song. His journey from independently releasing on Soundcloud to worldwide recognition of his music shows just how unique and captivating his signature brand of lo-fi is.

The allure of 'Get You The Moon' lies in its raw lyricism and stripped-back arrangement, offering a glimpse into the depths of human emotion. Singing on this track is the writer and vocalist Snøw, whose emotional and tender vocals soar over the gentle guitars and slapping drums. These two lo-fi titans have created a song showcasing the immersive power of lo-fi and invite you to lose yourself in its melancholic tranquility with ‘Get You The Moon’. 

Since its release in 2018, Kina has earned himself over 20 platinum discs worldwide and spent a weighty 450 days on the Spotify Global Charts. He even found himself at number 2 on Billboard’s Top TV Songs Chart. Moving with this incredible momentum, Kina has released a host of singles, remixes, and collaborations since ‘Get You The Moon’. The latest is his recent album 'kinamood', a showcase of his signature immersive lo-fi soundscapes. And the world won’t have to wait long to hear more from the record-breaking artist, with Kina set to release new music this year. 

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