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Kids of Adelaide

22nd September 2022

Interview: Amy Bell

Made up of two friends, Kids of Adelaide’s members are Severin Specht and Benjamin Nolle. Fusing their individual styles and conceptual lyricism, Kids of Adelaide dedicate their soundscape to progressive alternative rock. ‘The Cabin Tapes’ is a 11-track album touching on themes around time and transience. Influencing the two friends, an eponymous hut in the forest is where they spent most of their time. The seclusion was such an artistic catalyst that even the soundtracks were recorded there which landed directly on the album – proof of the magic in that place.

Congrats on the new album, ‘The Cabin Tapes’, please can you introduce yourself to our readers!

Hey thanks for having us. We‘re the Kids of Adelaide, Indie-Folk-Rock Band from Stuttgart, Germany.

How did Kids of Adelaide form, and when did you begin to start creating music together?

We knew each other as we went to the same school. When we went on tour together with Bennis old band we discovered our common passion for acoustic guitar music like Bob Dylan or The Tallest Man On Earth and therefore we started busking in the streets of our hometown. We also started writing our first songs together then and having our first official bookings.
You have now released an 11-track album, what made you decide to want to put this album out, and how did you choose the tracks to put on the album?

As our last album was released in 2018 it was about time. Due to the pandemic we decided to focus on writing new songs because there was really nothing else to do as a band. We also reflected a lot about the past and how we want our future as a band to look like. This created a new fresh spirit and motivation for the band which we wanted to capture on an album. The 11 Songs that made it on the final record are the ones that we had the strongest emotional connection to out of more than 30 demos…
Your focus track on the album ‘Atmosphere’... what made you decide this was going to be the focus track, and tell me a bit about the back story?

As already said we reflected a lot about our band and we also discovered that over the past 10 years that we were making music together things had changed, we had changed and somehow we also disconnected from each other in some ways. The Song Atmosphere describes that feeling and how we needed to get back together in the vibe, appreciating each other in his entity and recognising that we are best when we do things together, inspiring each other. That was vital for the creation of the new album so this is why this song is the key track and also the first track on the album. 

Check out the music video to 'Atmosphere'.

What was the recording/writing process like, when it came to ‘The Cabin Tapes’, and how long did it take you to produce the album as a whole?

We packed all the stuff together we needed and went to a secluded cabin in the forest several times where we could really focus on writing songs without any distractions. All in all we probably spent about 8 weeks there over one year in every season. There‘s no heating or electricity so we used a generator and a wood stove in the winter. It was a great time. The whole album production from the first thought to the last recorded tone at Bodega Recording Studio took about two years.

Your new music video for ‘Atmosphere’ is out! Congratulations! How did you film the video? 

The video was shot at and around the cabin I already mentioned. That cabin is something like the heart of the new album because we wrote most of the it there and also for us as band it was a place where we could suck up new energy and focus on the most important thing which is writing honest music. For the video we went back there with Sabrina Gaber and Marcel Tarantino who we already worked with for most of our other singles. They did an awesome video again and we’re absolutely blessed to be able to work with such great people. There’s gonna be a lot of forest in the video that’s what I can already reveal…

What is next for you? Are any shows in the works?

After the release of the album, we will be on tour all over Germany and Switzerland. We got 12 shows planned starting in Leipzig on the 14th. In the future we would really like to go on tour outside of Germany too. Hopefully see you in the UK then.

Check out Kids of Adelaide's album here.

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