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Katie Fry

11th October 2022

Interview: Joe Coburn

Introducing to the readers of ReVamp magazine is singer/songwriter, instrumentalist and producer, Katie Fry. Katie sits down to talk with us to let us get to know the artist behind the music, to discuss her third single ‘Somewhere Far Away’ after releasing her debut EP ‘My California’ last year, and what led her to create her newest project.

Before we start, thank you for agreeing to talk with ReVamp magazine! The lyrics to ‘Somewhere Far Away’ delivers some nostalgic undertones to the subject matter, what moment does it make you think back to when you perform this song?

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me! The idea for this song came to me on a road trip, I was in the passenger seat and enjoying the scenery through the car window. I saw these oak trees and it reminded me of this big tree my best friend and I used to play around. We grew up far from town, out in the country and I remember us having a blast exploring the creeks, hiking through nature and riding our bikes up and down the hills. Over the summer we would become very bored, and we imagined that the kids who lived in town must have been enjoying themselves more than us. We dreamed of what it would be like. Now as an adult, I think back on those lazy days of summer and think fondly of the memories. We didn’t know how good we actually had it, and somedays I wish I was back there, living a simple life. 

With that being said, is there a message that you wish to send to current and future listeners with your new single?

The song is autobiographical and it’s part of the story of my life. I think for me when I sing this song, I remind myself to appreciate the little things and pause for a moment. Our society today can feel so rushed, and it’s important to ‘stop and smell the roses’. My upbringing created an environment where I didn’t have a choice but to do so, and I feel grateful for that experience. 

So, what has it been like to live amongst alpine nature in California, and has time in this kind of rural environment influenced your music style?

I grew up on a dairy goat farm, and we had lots of different animals like donkeys and sheep. It was a small farming community and I was influenced by the country western music that surrounded me as a child. 

Growing up, which musical artists were your inspiration and made you excited about taking on the music industry?

I was a teenager in the 1990s when there was a new group of ‘Singer-Songwriters’ specifically women appearing in the music scene. It was a change up from the 1980s pop highlighting the singer (who most of the time sang someone else’s songs). Suddenly we saw singers with their instruments, guitar or piano, featuring their own originals. It definitely inspired me to learn how to play an instrument and create my own songs. 

We love that you’re a multi-talented artist, but tell us, which of the three instruments you play is your favorite, and why?

Thank you! That’s a hard question to answer, I think each of the instruments have a different vibe and are great for different moods. Sometimes I sit at the piano and write, other days I enjoy the rhythms of the guitar. I learned how to play the harp specifically to work as a therapeutic bedside musician and I love the way it feels to play, it’s so relaxing. My favorite instrument to perform with is the guitar, because I feel like I can look out and connect with the audience more easily. 

And finally, before we go, we have one question to ask about you. Besides your passion for music, are there other interests that occupy your time?

One of my favorite things to do is dance, I recently started taking dance classes again. My favorite is tap, I like the challenges of the rhythm and enjoy the jazz music. 

Thank you so much for talking with ReVamp magazine, we wish all you the very best of success for the rest of 2022 and beyond!

‘Somewhere Far Away’ will be available to stream and download digitally on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and Bandcamp on October 21st.

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