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Interview: Amy Bell

KAT X is a London born multi-platinum selling songwriter, producer, vocalist & DJ.

Ethereal yet sassy, KAT X merges heartfelt and emotional vocals with an addictive, electronic soundscape. Debut single 'Losing Myself' released in September on D4D4NCE, produced by German wizard Holger Behn aka HOSH and continues to climb the upfront club charts currently sitting in the top 20. KAT X is a London born multi-platinum selling songwriter, producer, vocalist & DJ.

Having spent the last two seasons Djing in Ibiza, KAT X has had the pleasure of playing to some of the biggest DJ’s in the world including Black Coffee, Guy Gerber and Nic Fanciulli to name a few.

Hi Kat,  how did you get involved in music and when did you realise you had a talent for it?

I realised I had a talent at nine years old when I auditioned and became part of the cast of  ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ at The London Palladium. I was the youngest cast member and I adored being part of such an iconic production in the west end.

At 17/ 18 I was studying Performing arts and the head of the course saw my potential when I sang at the end of year show. He connected me to his friend, a song writer and producer who was having great success at the time with various artists. I went in to the studio with him and the rest is history. 

Growing up, who were your inspirations and how has your music changed throughout the years? 

Growing up, I was more in to Hip Hop and RNB acts such as The Fugees, Eric Benet, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, and Dr Dre. 

I started off as a commercial Pop Song writer and then branched off in to other genres such as the massive J-pop / K-pop market and then on to dance music. 

Your new single ‘No Regrets’ came out on the 3rd of December, what are you most looking forward to releasing this single and how is it different from others? 

I’m looking forward to showing a sassier side to myself. My first single ‘Losing Myself’ was a vulnerable account of self reflection, inner turmoil and heartbreak. No regrets is more empowered.

How was the writing and recording process for ‘No Regrets’, and what is the message behind it? 

No regrets was originally written over a beautiful electronic flamenco track by James Hurr and Adam Westcott. Paul Harris and I wrote the top line. A year or so later, I then played the song to producer Holger Behn aka HOSH and we created something sonically more in alignment, with where I’m at now. No Regrets was inspired by a difficult ‘situationship’ that I was in, the result of which, was a cycle of love, pain and guilt. The message of the song is to sometimes just be in the moment and to enjoy it with no self judgement or regrets. 

You have spent the last 2 seasons DJing in Ibiza, why did you want to pursue DJing? 

Actually 3 seasons! Although this year I was just there for a month. 

Having run my own club nights, been a songwriter and partied my fair share… I felt I understood what people need to make them have fun. I’d wanted to to learn for a while but finally took the plunge and jumped in. 

You have written and co-produced many chart-topping singles and albums for a variety of artists from Kelly Rowland, Madcon to Offaiah, which have earned you multiple golds and platinum discs, how does this make you feel knowing you have so many achievements?

It might sound strange but I’m someone who is very present when it comes to achievements. The past has been and gone and although I am proud of them, I’m someone who is more focused on what’s next. I parked the idea of devoting my time to writing for other Artists a few years ago, as I had a real desire to explore my own artistry and so for now, I’m dedicated to seeing KAT X on one of those discs in the future. 

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