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Juna N Joey

18th March 2022

Interview: Amy Bell

Juna N Joey are Brother/Sister, Singer/Songwriter, Country Pop Duo (think Dan + Shay and Lady A). Born in W Palm Beach, FL and recently moved to Nashville, the duo's popularity exploded organically by posting covers on YouTube with over 7.2 million collective views and a viral Tik Tok of 6.7 million . They are now officially influencers.

Juna at 16, is a charismatic singer/songwriter with the confidence of a seasoned professional. In addition to singing, she also plays acoustic guitar, piano and keyboards in her band. Juna started developing her writing abilities at the tender age of 11. 

Joey at 19, is also a singer/songwriter with powerful vocals and beautiful harmonies. He is also a multi-instrumentalist including the sax. In addition to writing together, the duo often collaborates with top songwriters in Nashville, New York and Los Angeles. 

Juna N Joey have released their first single of their forthcoming Self-Titled EP, “Something Good To Miss” produced by Ken Royster. The song exceeded their expectations landing on Spotify’s New Music Nashville, Apple’s Best New Music and New In Country and Pandora’s AMP: Fresh Cuts among others. Their second single is a power ballad entitled “‘Til Your Heart Breaks” adding October 29th. 

This summer the duo performed at Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam in June coming in second in the battle of the bands. Then it was on to Nashville to Ole Red and a tour of the N East and Florida. In the fall, they opened for Twinnie in the UK and The British Country Fest. Please visit their Bandsintown and tune in for updates and weekly live performances on their social media platforms.

Congrats on your new single 'Till Your Heart Breaks', what was this song inspired by?

Juna: The inspiration behind this song is about not appreciating a great love and great relationship you shared with someone until you’ve lost them and they aren't in your life anymore

Joey: We walked into the write and the piano part was playing and we knew this song was gonna be a country power ballad. The writers we wrote this song with were brother and sister as well which was kinda cool.

You're only 17 and 19 and have so much success already, how do you maintain your success?

Juna: We are so grateful for all the opportunities we have been given and it is challenging at times to manage school, traveling, and music but we always figure it out. For example, through school, I do an online school program to make traveling and all the work easier and you always seem to figure everything out when you're doing what you love.

Joey: We work 10-12 hours a day 7 days a week doing live shows, social media, press, recording and writing music.

As you are siblings, did you always have music in your life and why did you decide to become a duo? Who also influenced you to start creating Music?

Juna: I started at the age of 3 or 4 doing classical music but then we switched over to doing classic rock music in a band, but our mother always listened to country music so we then decided to start writing and performing country music as a brother and sister duo. My vocal teachers and the movie the little rascals influenced me to start off music in the first place. I was watching the talent show scene in the movie and i thought to myself “ i want to be just like that little girl on stage”

Joey: Ever since I was born I have been playing sports. Then I went to one of my sister's lessons and the teacher asked if i could sing and i was like probably not. Then it all started from there.

Your new single 'Till Your Heart Breaks', have such beautiful vocals and blended vocals are even as beautiful, how do you know what parts to give each other and how do you both decide once a song is finished?

Juna: Picking the parts usually comes with pre-production before we go into the studio. We decide once the song is finished when we've got all the parts solidified and we’ll know when it feels right.

Joey: We usually have it planned before we get into the studio. Just depends on what the lyrics are saying.

What was the songwriting and recording process like?

Juna: The songwriting process was great to be able to show some emotions through this song and really write from the heart. When recording this song we learned a lot from our amazing producer about being in a professional studio.

Joey: We wrote this song in Nashville with a brother and sister co-writer. We recorded with a producer by the name of kenny royster and we had taylor swift's drummer, kenny chesney's guitar player and one of the best piano players in nashville.

You also have an acoustic version out, what made you decide to do an acoustic version alongside the original?

Juna: We wanted to have a more stripped down version of the song and wanted to show the song in a different way.

Joey: We're singer songwriters and we like to strip it down just to vocals and guitar. It's also cool to have 2 different versions of it.

What is next for you guys?

Juna: We are planning on going on tour in England, as well as writing with some new writers and different artists. Also meeting as many people as possible and doing as many shows as possible.

Joey: Like Juna said, we have a couple things coming up next. We have a tour to England coming up. We are going to put out the rest of our self-titled ep, and write new music.

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