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Jude Barclay

6th October 2022

Interview: Amy Bell

Jude Barclay is a recording artist/producer from Midland, Michigan with a very unique start in music. Barclay started out releasing music as strictly a producer/songwriter which would prove to be very helpful when he would eventually open up to the idea of singing. Barclay was always in love with music from a very young age however he didn’t become active in creating music until he was 15. 

Learning how to create music is hard enough nevertheless growing up in a home with no other musicians. Barclay had to completely teach himself with very little help from others on how to actually get the ideas in his brain to come alive. On top of learning how to produce and write music, Barclay decided he wanted to learn how to sing as well. Which brought many of its own problems. But regardless Barclay pushed through and has now established his presence in the industry and has proven his drive and hard-earned skill to everyone.

Thanks so much for talking to ReVamp, when did you music career start and who inspired you to start creating music? 

Music has always moved me since a young age, it’s a powerful force that can create a moment between two complete strangers (the artist and the listener) and make them feel an emotional connection they didn’t know possible. 

However my parents were not musically inclined and neither was anyone else in my family, they knew nothing about the industry, what it meant to write a song and the practice and skill building it takes to write a good one, they couldn’t even play hot cross buns on the piano! However, we were all big listeners! My dad took me to all kinds of concerts by our favorite artists growing up and that’s when I believe my passion started to arise!

When I became a teenager all the friends I started making were into songwriting and music production and being I had a passion for music, it intrigued me! I one day decided to download Garageband and give it a shot! And let's just say it was not all smooth sailing from day one! However with a lot of practice and hard work, I continued to develop a skillset, but my passion for creating music is what truly kept me going! 

There is NOTHING in this world like hearing your final product of a song! It’s fulfilling, exciting and truly never gets old!

Do you remember the first ever time, where you knew that you wanted to become an entertainer, and how your music style changed over the years? 

I sort of answered this question above but for the second part, I would say it has changed immensely! I loved hip-hop music growing up but as I’ve gotten older there’s nothing like easy listening to “bedroom” pop to me, Lauv, Lany, and Justin Beiber for example! What they create sonically has truly inspired me and I intend to take what they are doing and create something of my own!

You have a new single ‘face ID’ out now, can you tell us a bit about the single and how it came about? 

It came about during a weekend songwriting session I had with one of my closest friends “100Graham”. He had started the DEMO but had no idea where to really go with it, but I was inspired immediately! So that day I cut the hook and waited a while to see if it was really as good as it felt on the first listen. 

Check out the music video to 'Face ID'. 

That now is a part of my writing process, we will write 5-6 hooks a day which to me is the most important part of the song then revisit the song later to decide if it’s worth keeping!

I thought the first line of the hook “FACE ID the only one who knows me”  was unique and could cause people who struggle with loneliness and anxiety some sort of comfort knowing they are not alone in their struggle. 

Can we expect to see a music video for ‘face ID’?

It’s already out! Shot by the legend and the man I have worked with the most Rascreative! 

What can we expect from you next? 

As soon as I finish my brand new workspace I will be planning on releasing a new song every two weeks! Many of the songs are already finished and let me say they are the best songs I’ve ever made!!

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