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Ju-nna: The London brand combining Japanese culture with contemporary design

31st January 2024

Interview: Charlotte Harney

London based, Kyoto originating brand Ju-nna is one to watch. The contemporary ready-to-wear brand combines Japanese heritage, sustainable practices, self expression and the ancient art form of Shibori to create unique and captivating designs. Founded in 2019, Ju-nna is a rising brand that we at ReVamp are excited to watch grow. We caught up with the brand ahead of their AW24 fashion week show during London Fashion Week.

Tell us a bit about Ju-nna. How did the brand start, what are its roots and reasons?

JU-NNA started following the completion of the MA study by the Creative Director Jun Nakamura. Jun researched a way of modernising a traditional technique used for creating kimonos for fashion.

Can you give us a hint of what’s to look forward to from this season’s show?

We found it interesting to see what people wear for work, especially when they work overtime with exhaustion. We took inspiration from that including Jun’s experience and we are designing uncommon shapes for the new collection.

How do you feel the brand has grown or developed since last season? Do you see a growth or change with each collection?

We have received more opportunities since last season. We see positive changes every season and have been developing interesting ideas.

Last season’s collection had the most beautiful textures on the garments, is that something signature to the brand?

Yes, we use a traditional technique called Shibori from Japan working with artisans from Asia. Every fabric is handcrafted and is given a stretchy texture from the structure.

I know you work with artisans to handcraft the fabrics that you use. How does that impact your design process and what importance does it hold to your brand?

We need more thoughts on using this technique as it was not developed for fashion. We spend a long time discussing new ideas every season with artisans and start the process early. There are many trials and errors but we enjoy its process and the outcome, which is sometimes hard to project.

How do you strive to have sustainable practices within your brand and collections?

We try to use as many recycled fabrics and materials for packaging as possible. We also re-use scraps from sampling/production for embellishment in various things.

Where do you see the brand going in 5 years time? Can you share some of your brand goals with us.

We would like to keep developing new ideas every season and would love more people to enjoy our design, who have not seen JU-NNA yet.

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