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Josephine Relli

Interview: Amy Bell

Josephine Relli is a recording artist, model and actor. She released her debut album “Miscellaneous” in 2016 and has continued to churn out an eclectic array of music ever since. She attended the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) and has participated in high-end events with the likes of the mega-brand Macy’s. And she made her onscreen debut in Chloë Sevigny’s short film, “Carmen.” Josephine is now writing and producing her own music as she fine-tunes her unique sound. She prides herself on intentionally avoiding genres, and is as equally at ease in the hip-hop and R&B worlds as she is in alternative or pop space. Josephine’s duology album “Slow Down/Falling” is available now on all major platforms. For more information on Josephine, please visit: And follow her on Instagram at @JosephineRelli.

Hi Josephine, thanks for talking to ReVamp, in 3 words, describe your sound? 

That’s tough for me to be objective about. But I can say that others have described my sound as eclectic, sophisticated, and passionate 

What do you enjoy most about being an artist?

Being able to express myself through my work and explore new things regularly in what I create. 

When you create music, what is your purpose or your goal, that you want the listeners to gain from your songs?

My goal with every song is to tell a story, but in a way that allows the listeners to form their own story that they need to hear through the song. My hope is that people can interpret my songs in a ton of ways to gain whatever it is they’re needing.

You attended the Grammys this past February, how did that make you feel and did it give you fresh inspiration?

It was very exciting and a tad overwhelming. I had a great time and it definitely inspired me so that hopefully one day I’m attending as a nominee. 

What made you want to become a singer and who inspired you music wise?

I had always loved to sing as a kid, but never really thought I could pursue it any more than just casually until I met Joseph Konty. He showed me that it’s not just a crazy dream and that I could create my own music if I really wanted. He gave me the opportunity to write music with him to create my debut album and ever since then I’ve been in love with it. 

You have a single out called 'Slow Down / Falling'. What inspired you to write these 2 songs?

They were inspired by a past relationship I was in. I was in the middle of it and was feeling so many things that I felt I had to get them out somehow.

What was the recording/writing process like?

It was a bit new, because I was in a new place with new people — but it was super fun. I was also in the midst of trying out a new process with my writing and I really feel like it all came together really well.

Is this a personal message behind these 2 songs and did it help you through that time?

Those songs were mainly my way of expressing how I was feeling in my relationship at the time and I figured by putting it into song it might allow someone else to relate. All good things to clarify. “Falling” tells a story of entering a relationship unexpectedly or developing feelings out of the blue when you weren’t planning on it. “Slow Down” mainly is about communication and not letting too much outside noise deter that. 

What is next for you? 

New music for sure. I’m currently working on a handful of projects I hope to get out in the next year.

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