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Jamie Miller

30th October 2023

Interview & Digital Editor: Pankhuri Bhutani

Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Photography: Drew Baker

Emerging out of the working class in Wales, Jamie Miller has successfully garnered the accolade of accumulating over a billion streams on his music merely after the launch of his first EP and a handful of singles; further transforming into one of the most established upcoming artists out there. 

Miller's successful projects also led him to earn critical acclaim and praise from some of the undoubtedly phenomenal artists within the landscape of music such as Sam Smith, BLACKPINK, Kelly Clarkson, P!nk and Jennifer Hudson.

Recently announcing his new EP, Miller is back with his latest offering "The Things I Left Unsaid"; a beautiful six-track EP showcasing a glimpse into the authentic side of the artist. 

The project is a beautiful amalgamation of the distinct shades of hardships faced by Miller, further crafted out of his cathartic, empowering, and captivating journey; pouring out an impactful yet poignant reminder to all his fans that there is always a light present at the end of a tunnel.

Taking charge of his own life by going independent, reorganizing his team, moving on from various relationships and embracing a novel and more confident version of himself, "The Things I Left Unsaid" is born out of a profound journey that Miller experienced through vulnerable emotions, immense pain, and several invaluable lessons acquired over the course of the past year.

This period also marked Miller’s transformative journey through the challenges of navigating heartaches, the constantly-changing industry of music, and confronting numerous other obstacles. Finding solace in music, Jamie turned to his impeccable talent in order to craft a successful project based out of these poignant emotions he witnessed. 

Miller is currently embarking on tour; opening for the wonderful Eric Nam. 

ReVamp recently had a wonderful and insightful conversation with the singer-songwriter about his journey as a professional artist, the creative process behind his new EP, the process of showing his authentic side to his extremely well-established fanbase and much more. 

Hello there Jamie. So lovely to have you as our latest cover star! How are you doing? Now that we've reached almost the end of this year, how would you say has 2023 been for you? 

It’s been transitional in the best way.. I feel really happy with my new team/ label , the music I’ve been creating is my favorite to date so I’d say it’s been an amazing year.

I would love to initiate our conversation by mentioning your brand new EP "The Things I Left Unsaid". It has received such an impeccable response so far on all of the six tracks, so huge congratulations on that! 

Thank you so much..

Kindly walk me through the overall creative process for the project. What was the initial inspiration behind it and did you face any challenge during the production stage? 

I’d say the challenge was starting it, it came from a very real place from the voice notes to the broken voice cracks  as I sing it was all really hard but also therapeutic at the same time working with Colin and Alex and Adam on production was so inspiring.

The project is obviously born from the vulnerable and intricate moments of your life; highlighting the profound hardships that you have witnessed. 

How would you say has the release of the project been for you now that all of those personal emotions are out for the listeners to indulge in?  

It feels like a really big exhale to be honest.. one that I’ve needed since 2022 all my inner thoughts out in the world feels like a fever dream but in a good way.

Do you usually use music as a form of catharsis and self exploration? Does it ever get overwhelming or frightening for you to showcase these insights into your life now that you have garnered such an immensely huge fanbase?  

Def overwhelming just because when you’re so honest it’s scary to think that can come with opinions and Critism but at the end of the day music is music and it’s meant to help you feel so that’s exactly why this is so special.

The project embraces distinct elements including that of authenticity, empowerment, navigating heartaches and poignancy amalgamated with such a beautiful message yet I'm very curious to know how would you personally define this EP and the sort of message you are trying to convey to the listeners through it? 

I would define it as healing.. it starts off really really sad and I’d say I take you on a journey to my healing point.. healing from depression and all the toxic stuff that came.

With life last year.. I would say it’s hopeful and emotional at the same time!

Being someone who finds solace in music and have created such an established fanbase, I'm very curious to know if all the projects that you have crafted out of your personal experiences were released out to the public or do you like other artists also craft songs and little snippets that are too personal for you and just for your own self to immerse into? 

There’s def a few demos that will stay with just me forever. Some things are written in hopes it only heals my heart so sometimes yeah some things are just for me !

You will also be joining the wonderful Eric Nam embarking on his tour this October and November as his opening act! Goodluck on that! 

What can the fans expect from this particular endeavour? Any specific setlist you have prepared that you can hint the fans about? 

I would say it’s an intimate experience I’m really taking it up a notch vocally and I think fans will really get to know me on this tour with my friend Eric!

What's next for you, Jamie? Any upcoming projects or collaborations in the pipeline for your future years? 

You’ll have to wait and see but currently working on my next ep and then my album!!

(Thank you for taking out your time for this interview, Jamie! Wishing you luck in all your future projects.) 

Lastly, I would love to know if there's any message that you wish to convey to your fans currently reading this interview? 

I would say the dark days don’t last forever it gets better.. chase those dreams because we really only live once! You got this!

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