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Jack Rose

Monday 5th April 2021

Photographed and Interviewed by Owen James Vincent

Jack Rose is an upcoming singer who has toured with singers such as Faith Evans, Tinchy Stryder and Boyz On Block. Jack covered the classic song, "Chasing Cars" which reached 1.2 millions views on Facebook and has also had songs that have reached the top 10 charts. Recently Official Charts have featured him and has been on the cover of Music Week.

What inspired you to write, Rockstar?

I listen to a lot of American rap music and the beat in itself is inspired by American rap. Originally the song was written as a joke because when I listen to music it's all the same. It's all about going to parties, pulling loads of girls and about the money. So I wrote a track symbolising that in a way and that's what Rockstar was. It's funny because I wrote it and kept it in my notes for months because it was a joke and it was something I was going to pull put at a party to my friends but I showed it to my manager and he said, "You need to release that!" and so I did a couple of arrangements on the lyrics and after that we recorded it and released it. 

Who inspires you personally and professionally? 

I have a few inspirations but they change between what I'm doing. For example the way my music is going at the moment is sort of in the same direction as artists like Post Malone and 24K Golden, it's a lot more melodic rap but my inspirations in general are people like Eminem, Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars. 

Are there any plans with an EP?

Not at the moment as so much as I'm trying to get music out there by establishing myself a little bit more but then if I was then to release an EP or an album I wouldn't have to worry about getting as many sales. My focus is to have a dedicated fan base before I do anything like that.

How do you get in to song writing?

I started song writing when I was 13 years old. So from this point I started singing professionally and doing gigs and everything. My first song was a co-written thing, so I didn't have much input as I wanted, so then I taught myself how to write and find a melody. So then I knew how to write to that beat. It's hard sometimes because I feel like I'm one of the worst people to get writers block. I've gone through times where I've written four to five songs in one go and then I won't be able to write anything for about a month. Like the other day for example I wrote a song two months ago where I wrote Better On My Own and then I wrote Rockstar and then another single which I'm not sure about releasing yet. At the moment I'm writing to different genres as I want to experiment and find new stuff. 

Three words you would describe your career so far?

Exciting, Incomplete and... to be honest I can't think of a third one. The reason why I said incomplete is because I have done a lot and achieved a lot for example being in Music Week and featured on the Official Charts but I want more and I know I'm not in the place I want to be yet. My third word is there but I just haven't found it yet. 

What's your advice for upcoming singers that want to break in to the industry?

Don't try and impersonate another artist. Be yourself! 

Here is the video to Jack's new song, Rockstar below.

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