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Jack Johnson

23rd May 2022

Words: Amy Bell

“When Blake and I first got in touch we’d send each other playlists, and over time we realized we were drawn to music that sounds effortless despite all the effort put into making it. After a while, we got a language together and I gained a trust in him that allowed me to let go, push outside my comfort zone, and get to a sound I really loved.”

Jack Johnson's laidback, sunny songs caught the attention first of college music fans, but it was not long before he began gaining acclaim across a wider range of pop genres. A second solo album, On and On, was released in 2003 and peaked at #3. Two years later, his third solo release, In Between Dreams, reached #2 and sold over two million copies. It included the single "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing," which gained Jack Johnson a Grammy Award nomination for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. 

When listening to ‘One Step Ahead’, I feel the nostalgia of Jack Johnson’s old tracks but also entwined with the new mature version of Jack’s lyrics. It is so nice for him to be back making the feel-good tunes once again. The lyrics are so impactful about going to a calm and safe space and being able to breathe in that air. I feel like this song is a lot grungier than his last releases, but it suits the journey that he is going on. The vocal control is actually amazing and you go through so many emotions in this song. 

You can feel the impact of how he is singing the song and how well it has been written, it is like he is telling you a story one to one. 

It’s also been announced that Jack will be releasing his new album, ‘meet the moonlight’, on June 24th. The single release has made me so excited to listen to the new album. 

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