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Isidora Fairhurst

7th July 2023

Interview & Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Photographer: Pip Bourdillon

Hair & Make Up: Charlotte Dickens

Styling: Edith Walker

Isidora Fairhurst is breaking her television debut by starring in the most twisted action thriller yet, 'Then You Run'. The series follows four young women as they find themselves on a summer holiday gone wrong. After one of the group’s fathers is discovered dead, they find themselves on the run across Europe with three kilos of heroin and a host of deadly criminals hot on their trails. All the while, a serial killer known as The Traveller draws closer as the series unfolds. Isidora plays Nessi, who is integral to the group getting away from their pursuers.

I had the honour talking to Fairhurst about her role and what we can expect from the show.

Hi Isidora. Congratulations on your TV debut in ‘Then You Run’. How excited are you for people to see this?

Thank you very very much. I’m super excited for people to see the show, I hope they love it as much as I do. 

You’re playing the role of Nessi who is one of the four friends in the group. Can you tell us a bit about her? What kind of role does she play in the group?

Nessi is the driver in the group, she’s the one who gets them across Europe. She’s certainly loyal and is the glue that keeps the group together, she’ll never leave a man behind. I recently binged the Harry Potter films again, and she reminded me of Ron, I think they’re similar in the way they’re both endearing and underestimated.

Then You Run is based on a book called You by Zoran Drvenkar. Is the story going to interrupt the book or will you stay close to the source material?

The series is loosely based off the book. I’m happy they made that choice, I prefer TV and film making an interpretation of a story rather than replicating it, but they’re in the same universe for sure.

What other actors got you in to acting? And are there any roles you would like to play?

I distinctly remember watching Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix as a kid (if you can’t tell already, I’m a huge Harry Potter fan) and as of recently Jodie Comer and Michaela Cole have inspired me a lot, especially that they’re both from the UK. I would love to play a Mad Hatter type role (something eccentric and crazy). And I’d love to do something that involves singing.

The show is a thriller. Do you have a favourite thriller movie?

Parasite will always stand out for me, but I also really enjoyed Annihilation with Natalie Portman (watch it if you haven’t already).

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Then You Run is now on SKY.

Check out the trailer to 'Then You Run'.

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