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Ishita Gupta

1st January 2023

Interview & Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Cover Design: Emily Curtis

Make Up & Hair: Niahm Mclennan

Stylist: Megan Smales

Retoucher: Babar Ali

We're starting of 2023 with our first cover star, Ishita Gupta. Ishita is an model and actress from India who has recently moved across to London to kick off her career. We got to chat about being in London, movies she loves and what she's got planned for the rest of the year.

Hello Ishita! Happy New Year! You’re our first cover of 2023 how does that make you feel?

Happy New Year! I am so thrilled to start the year on a productive note. I am extremely grateful to you for giving me this opportunity to work with you. My mom tells me that the first day of the year should start on a positive and productive note, then the rest of your year shall be abundant so I do truly believe the same. I am really thankful to you for giving me this opportunity.

You’ve recently moved to London from Mumbai. How are you finding London?

Oh I absolutely love London! It’s got such a nice vibe to it. I love the people here. London is full of opportunities and I’m optimistic about my future here. A lot of people dream to move to this city that I call home now so I really have only gratitude in my heart. This is my first winter in London as well and we got to witness the snow after years so I guess that’s exciting. 

We’ve heard you want to break in to the acting industry. Who are your top three actresses that you look up to?

Yes I do want to pursue a career as a full time working actress. My top favourite actors world be Julia Roberts, Beren Saat and Ana de Armas. I think all three of these actresses are exceptionally talented and are very good in their craft and I absolutely adore them and I really look forward to their work.

What would your dream role in a movie be?

I loved Kate Winslet in the Titanic and I would love to play Rose. Unfortunately I don’t think there can be another remake of the movie that can ever be made or accepted by the audiences as there are such deep rooted emotions attached to this movie. But yes I think it would be a dream come true to be in a movie like that. 

Are there any designers that you love wearing?

I wear a lot of designers. My favourite is Donatella Versace. I loved Gianni’s vision for the brand and I love the branding. Very few people know that the logo for the brand which is quiet controversial within itself, has a very deep story to it. I love Versace. Apart from Versace my favourite brands are Gucci and Coco Chanel.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years time?

I want to have had atleast done a few good movies and have an established business by then. I’m working on a business model right now. I want to launch my own business and I want to see myself as a well established model and actor by then. 

Lastly, have you got any plans for 2023?

I am really optimistic about 2023. I do have a few brand engagements lined up. I am hopeful for it to be a positive year. I would like to keep my plans low profile till they are achieved, done and dusted as I don’t wish to jinx them.

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