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George Eve

28th April 2021

Words by Pankhuri Bhutani

Photography: Ollo Weg

Coming forward as one of the freshest faces to join the world of music, George Eve’s early independent tracks such as ‘My Girl’ and ‘One Track Mind’ showcased a slight glimpse into the immense power and talent the young singer-songwriter possesses. 

Having established a successful fanbase within a short span of time, George Eve is ready to take the world by storm as he recently released his brand new single ‘Gates’. It’s the first track to preview his upcoming debut EP which will follow later this Spring.

In a subtle stylistic shift from his previous releases, ‘Gates’ is a light-hearted indie-pop shuffle with the kind of feelgood summer energy that can engage pop fans and festival audiences alike. Although the song is predominantly acoustic, George keeps propelling its vibrant energy, first with rousing brass and then with the enlivening group vocals that bring its final hook to an uplifting conclusion.

We recently had a chat with the talented singer-songwriter in order to discuss his phenomenal music journey! 

Hi there George, thank you for joining us on ReVamp! How are you doing? How is 2021 treating you so far?

I’m doing good thanks. The pubs have just opened, 2021 is starting to look up! 

Has the lockdown been challenging for you in terms of maintaining your creativity or has it given you a bit more time and freedom to work on your music?

It has been up and down. I’ve had a lot of time to try out and nurture ideas. But I’m very much looking forward to collaborating and performing! 

As you are set to release your new single ‘I Don’t Mind'’, what can you tell us about the track? What was the main inspiration behind the song?

It’s a lofi acoustic song that I wrote about not really being able to control anything and just being comfortable with that. I’d been dancing to music with my ex, we were having a great time but I couldn’t persuade her to come watch my friends band later that evening. Then the melody for I don’t mind popped into my head. The whole song came out immediately as I picked up a guitar and worked out the chords. I’d been worrying about deadlines that day and the melody felt like a reason not worry anymore. So I wrote the line: ‘I don’t mind wasting time’ - Then I got to the first pre chorus and I thought: I wish she’d come and see my friends band, damn, that’s all I’d like to happen today... but then I checked myself and realised that I probably loved her because she did what she wanted and I think she knew that. So I wrote the line ‘I miss you, I see everything as it is. I can’t change what you do and the truth is we both know this’. And then Alex Cameron (who we’d been dancing too) came to save the day with the line  ‘that it hurts’ I added to this ‘it all hurts’. I recorded a quick demo and went to the gig alone later that night. 

If you could describe the track through one emotion of yours, which one might it be?

Wistful, but at peace.

How was the creative process like with the track? Did it go as smoothly as planned or did you face any sort of challenges during the production stage?

I recorded a demo in the garden right as I wrote the song, it was all out of time. So I tried to rerecord it for months but could never capture the same energy as the demo. It was such a nice day and you can hear that. I eventually gave in and decided to perform the audio equivalent of open heart surgery on the demo rather than rerecord anymore. I made the rough recording sound like it was all in time around the vocal, editing and moving everything around so it didn’t sound like such a mess! In the end it worked, thank God! And it turned out great cause all the original character is in there. You can hear birds chirping at the beginning of the song and that was recorded literally minutes after I wrote the song. I hadn’t even finished the lyrics yet, I was out in the garden writing and recording at the same time. So basically they’re the original birds singing along in the moment it was written! I love it, it’s a real portal to exactly when the song was born and I think that makes it special. 

Is there any particular message that you’re trying to convey through this track?

Don’t worry, let people and things be. Life does hurt, but you can shrug it off and bounce back. 

What’s next for you, George? 

New music and lots of gigs I hope.  

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