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Atticus Blue

23rd April 2021

Photography and Words by Owen James Vincent

Atticus Blue is a 21 year old singer-songwriter and music producer based in London. Music is Atticus's treasure. He taught himself how to produce and he has built his own studio in his bedroom where all his magic is imagined.

Atticus moved to London during the first few months when Covid-19 arrived. Since he moved, he started busking in Southbank where he would sing to crowds of over hundreds of people in large open spaces. Desperately hungry to outperform himself and reach new heights in his career Atticus is doing all he can to get his name out there. His story is fresh and constantly evolving, this is shown in his excitingly volatile and authentic music.

We got to interview Atticus about his new single, icons he looks up to and stories about busking in London. 

Hi Atticus. Thanks for doing the photoshoot and interview with ReVamp. How has lockdown treated you? Have you learnt anything from it?

Well as a musician it's been good in some ways and bad in other ways. The ways it's been bad is obviously no gigs at all, there only a few opportunities during lockdown. I would go to open mics almost every weekend and that was such a big source of happiness but obviously when lockdown started that all ended, you stop performing and stop singing as much, also as a singer, singing is like therapy for me like without it I'm more sad and more lazy and I'm not feeling like my usual self, so that's the bad things I guess. The good things are it gave me a lot more time to be creative. So I remember during the first lockdown I wrote so many songs and it's great because when you write a song, you write another song and you start getting in to this song writing zone and the more you do it the more songs you write. So I bashed out tons and tons of songs. I massively improved in production and song writing and I feel that lots of musicians will have experience the same thing. Lockdown has been a very creatively inspirational time.

You’ve got a brand new single called 'Too Little Time' what’s the story behind it?

So this was about a year ago now and I was in a quite intense relationship with a girl I met. Things went wrong and we both had disagreements and we had to end things. A few weeks after we ended things, we decided to meet up and have a talk about everything as you do I guess. We were driving for a few hours, just talking and not really going anywhere. We started talking about the fact that I wished I met her five years from now, I wished we were both older and more mature and we could of made this work and that's kind of what the song is about. The main lyric in the chorus is "But right now we've got too much to figure out and too little time" and it kind of means we've got too much to figure out for ourselves right now for our own sakes and for our own lives, we're leading completely different lives but we just don't have that maturity yet to help this relationship grow and develop. 

Who inspires you?

A lot of people say I have a similar sound to Ed Sheeran. Tom Misch is another artist I'm inspired by as I've got one of his lyrics tattooed on me, I love his music and he's one of those reasons I fell deeply in love with music. Also he self produces his own tracks and I do the same, I do work with other producers but for all of my tracks I'm working away behind my computer for hours to make everything sound perfect. Other than that, Bruno Mars is a big inspiration for me. You don't really hear this in my music but it's kind of the artistic method, I love Bruno Mars because when I hear his songs, its such an extravaganza and you can't help but just feel happy seeing perform. I'm trying to take my music in that direction but it's up and down and I hope to get there one day but I've also started taking dancing lessons for a long time because I eventually want to be a performer like him and have a crazy dance act behind my songs. 

You mentioned you do a lot of busking. What’s it like? Have you got any interesting stories that has happened to you?

Busking is amazing! I absolutely love busking. It's not just the opportunity to perform but also the people and the community around it. The way I started was when I came to London and went to the Tate because I knew that were buskers there and I just went and spoke to them which was good because they were so cool about it. I haven't been a busker for a long time but we get this one guy who always comes along and he's absolutely drunk of his face. He's kind of funny but you're also like you don't want him to be there. He starts screaming to the songs and starts touching people to get them in to the songs. I've gone up to him before and told him to calm down and he gets like really angry and storms off. At the same time he's a lovely guy! 

How do you prepare yourself before performing in-front of people?

When I started out you're basically at that point on stage where you're not thinking about anything else because you're really nervous. So sometimes I just forget that I'm even there and close my eyes and put one step in front of the other before I get on stage. More recently I'm confident with performing, I'm not too scared to showcase my voice and my talent, so I feel comfortable and ready to go on stage.

Let’s talk about fashion! You styled yourself for our shoot. Where do you get your looks from? 

That's a really cool question because I don't get really asked this. I'm really in to fashion. I'm very in to street wear and urban sort of outfits like really baggy stuff and really bright colours. One guy I think is very stylish is John Mayer. He has a great sense of style and his main bit of advice is that you've got to think of your entire outfit as ten points as terms of price, so for example one point to your socks, so you get some really cheap socks and then two points to your trousers, so you have some decent trousers but then you want one piece in your whole wardrobe to be seven points, that really expensive, really cool product that takes peoples breath away when they see it and thats how he does his style. 

Lastly, what’s your advice to singers that want to do busking and create their own music?

So the most important piece of advice I'd give anyone is really simple and annoying to hear. Just practice constantly. Whether performing or production or like getting out there busking, anything like that practice as much as you can. Find the things that you really want to be good at, so for me it's busking because I really want to be good at performing live, singing because that's what I want to showcase to the world and soon dancing. So find the things you really want to do and practice them everyday, as much as you possibly can. 

You can have an exclusive listen to Atticus Blue's new song, 'Too Little Time' here.

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