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Ingrid Werner

19th November 2022

Interview & Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

With the new release of 'Disenchanted' coming out yesterday. We got to chat to the lovely Ingrid Werner about her role in the new Disney+ movie. 

We discuss her time working with Patrick Dempsey, memories of being on set and upcoming projects.

Hello Ingrid! Thanks for chatting with us at ReVamp. You’re starring in the new Disney+ movie, Disenchanted starring Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey. What was the audition process like?

Hi there, thanks so much for having me! I am indeed, I’m very excited as this is my first big studio film job and it’s the 15th anniversary of Enchanted, which I absolutely loved when it came out. 

The audition process was pretty straightforward; my agents got me the audition, but I had no idea what it was for (they send fake sides) at one point I thought it was for the animated series by The Simpsons’creators! So I read it, and at the time I had two lines - which sometimes can be harder than a full scene because you really have to nail the scene so they go “yes we see it in the film already”.  I researched the casting director and the few details I had, and I’d read this scene before for another Disney film, so it felt good to be called in again. I then worked out some technical details with my coach, as it was quite an emotionally heightened scene, so I wanted to make sure I could give three solid and varied versions.

I then went to my favorite self-tape studio, Ubi Selftapes in London, I absolutely love them and it just looks so amazing when I tape with them.

We nailed three great takes, edited and sent them in. I think a week later they checked my availability for the dates at which point I told myself “that’s good, but don’t get too excited yet”. A little while later my agent called me and told me I booked it, and at that point, I had a few things in the works, so I was so confused about what it was, I don’t think I gave her the reaction she expected. Then after ten minutes off the phone, I realized and had to call my agent back to exclaim my joy! Then I, of course, called my mom and cried so much!

Did you have to watch the first film to get an idea of what the second film could be about?

I had already seen this film 15 years ago, but while auditioning I rewatched it just to get the tone and to brush up on the story. I already knew the characters very well. I didn’t know who the scene was with as they used fake names, but I thought it was one of the leading men. The audition scene was much shorter than the actual version in the end; but up until filming I still had no idea of the full story in this one, I only managed to piece things together based on context clues. I didn’t get the full script, but it wasn’t essential to my character, she doesn’t know the backstory of what happened in the previous film.

What was it like getting the part of ‘Mother’?

I was so ecstatic! My first feature film, my first big studio film - getting to act with one of my heroes…what more could I want? I also love Disney and I felt like this was such an exciting next step in my career. My Mum and my Dad, who never wavered in their faith that I would get here, are so proud. 

Got any funny memories from being on set?

I have quite a few funny memories from the set, but the one that sticks out the most is meeting Adam Shankman and immediately just loving the guy because I felt so comfortable with him. He was talking through the scene with us and showing Patrick Dempsey how I would pick up my daughter and hold her. As he did this, he threw one of his legs up and kind of wrapped it around me and held me, and I then grabbed his leg and put an arm around his back - then he started leaning back and I just thought "all right I'm going with this, I'll dip him" - and he dipped and then jokingly said and this is where you dirty dance - we all just laughed, and I thought "Dirty Dancing with Adam Shankman was not on my list for today, but I'm so here for it".

If you could describe the movie in 3 words what would it be?

Beautiful, colorful, unexpected. 

Lastly, have you got any other exciting projects coming up?

I just wrapped up a beautiful short film we shot in Hackney, called Tailing. I play the main character, Marfa. It’s an uncomfortably, close look at what it’s like being a woman in this world and the struggle to reclaim your power as a woman in the world of men…I think it will look wonderful as well. Really proud of this one!

Disenchanted is streaming on Disney+ now and go follow Ingrid on Instagram to see what she's got next. 

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