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Hugo Brijs Is Back With Psychedelic Single ‘Creeper’ 

19th April 2024

Hugo Brijs, the indie virtuoso, makes a triumphant return to the spotlight with his latest single, "Creeper." After a hiatus following his 2021 release "Comb," Brijs delved into composing scores for notable platforms such as Netflix, the BBC, and Channel 4, while also leaving his sonic imprint on high-profile designer brands through Thunderdrum, his music production company. Now, fresh off a nomination for a British Independent Film Award for his work on 'Pretty Red Dress,' Brijs emerges anew in the alt-indie music scene.

"Creeper" blends indie-rock with psychedelic vibes seamlessly. With cool guitars and a groovy '70s rhythm, it feels both nostalgic and fresh. Brijs adds depth with lush strings from the Budapest Scoring Orchestra, giving it a cinematic feel. 

Within the sonic landscape of "Creeper," Brijs masterfully weaves cinematic instrumental passages that unfold like scenes from a noir thriller. Lyrically, the song tells a captivating story reminiscent of vintage cinema; a mysterious woman walks into a saloon and steals the heart of a simple man. Brijs' talent as a composer shines through each part of this track, taking listeners on an immersive journey where imagination comes to life. In "Creeper," Brijs proves once again why he's a standout in the indie scene, as he showcases his modern take on a nostalgic, psychedelic soundscape. 

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