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Honey and Velvet

Monday 5th April 2021

Jess Tarling is the owner of a small business on Etsy called "Honey and Velvet Studio".  Honey and Velvet are known for painting flowers, woodland animals and many other pretty things. Jess works at a retail store in the week but when she has free time she will focus on her online store. ReVamp got to interview Jess about her designs and her business. 

Small businesses have become ever-more precious over the last year and if you're stuck on how to support one, Etsy is the perfect place to start. ReVamp spoke to small business owner Jess Tarling, owner of Honey and Velvet Studio, to find out how she created a signature style on the popular platform and what advice she'd give to future creatives.

When did you realise you had a talent for drawing and was this something you wanted to pursue?  

I think I have just spent so much time drawing from a young age that I have slowly improved over the years! It’s something I find  really therapeutic, so I think when you enjoy something you naturally become better at it. I always loved to create, but it took me a while to find my favourite outlet. What I enjoy about having my Etsy store is that I get to draw and design products, and also can practice styling and photography. 

Honey and Velvet has a lot of good reviews, what makes you stand out from others do you think? 

I like my store to have a calming aesthetic with soft colours and positive quotes, so I hope that’s how people feel when they visit.

What motivates you to keep on drawing and designing?  

It’s just so fun to turn an idea in your head into a whole collection, and then see that collection as a real life product in your hand. Once I’ve added a new design to Etsy, I’m already thinking what’s next. 

How do you know when the product is ‘finished’? 

It’s very tricky. Sometimes it takes a few days of playing around until I feel happy with the end result. Then I will leave and go back, and see which ideas i like best. 

How do you decide your prices for each product?  

I always want all my products to be affordable, but working in small quantities isn’t cheap so that has to reflect in the price. I think that customers who shop small don’t mind paying that bit extra of the product is really unique and made with love.

Advice for people setting up their business? 

Just go for it! The hardest part is starting. Also be patient, if it something you are passionate about you will make it work.

You can visit Honey & Velvet at...


Photography by Jess Tarling @honeyandvelvetstudio

Words by Amy Bell

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