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Here At Last

13th July 2023

Interview: Amy Bell

Made up of Zach Loizou, Tommy Lyon, Pedro Santos, James Thomas, and Ryan Burns, Here At Last are a modern-day music act with a twist! Currently living together in Reading, England. Having originally formed a close friendship online, after finding success as individuals sharing video clips of themselves singing and performing reimagined versions of popular songs on YouTube, the boys began discussing the possibility of forming a band right before lockdown hit in the spring of 2020. 

Thanks so much for talking to ReVamp, how did you all meet and how did your music journeys begin?

Zach: We all met through social media, it started with Pedro and Tommy. They both had TikTok accounts that posted singing videos by themselves. They then both came up with the idea of a boy band because there's a gap in the market with it at the moment. So essentially they got in touch with each other and then the rest of the band. Then we all met up and now four years later we are still going.  

Social media has been such an integral part of your journey and TikTok has become your most popular platform. How important is social media for you, to get your music out there?

Pedro: I think for any artist nowadays, TikTok is a great platform that allows you to share your music to as many people as it can organically reach. I think with TikTok it can be used as a free-marketing tool if anything and we have just taken as much advantage of it as possible. And we also just enjoy being on the platform itself because it is fun and it allows you to do a lot of creative promotional videos for the single that we are trying to promote. 

You’re independent artists and have released such amazing material, what has your journey been like so far?

Tommy: I think it’s been a quite exciting journey with loads of highs and loads of lows. But we have each other to get through those tough points. Don’t get me wrong it’s great being unsigned and having our own input and all sorts of stuff like that but obviously financially it is a little bit of a struggle. But we have managed to get through. 

You have a new single ‘God Took His Time’ pre-order out now, how did this song come about?

Ryan: We initially got sent the song and we really liked the idea of it being about self-love in a sense. So we did that but put our own little twist on it. We went to the studio in Tileyard, recorded our vocals, put our own little twist on it and yeah. We are releasing it very soon and we are very excited for it. 

How is this single different from the bloodstream and what message do you want to deliver with God Took His Time?

James: The message we want to deliver with God Took His Time is just having a way to show someone how much you love them, whether it's your partner,  your dog, your mum, your dad. It’s just a way of getting across how much you love someone and doing it in a more upbeat way as opposed to a traditional downbeat love song. It’s different to a lot of our other songs because it uses a lot of American pop influences whereas, for example our song Bloodshot, uses a lot of dark pop like Five Seconds Of Summer. God Took His Time is more inspired by people like Justin Bieber. 

You performed at Hyde Park alongside Take That and Sugababes. How exciting, how do you feel knowing you’re performing at such a big event?

Zach: Well, it’s always really, really nice for us to be able to perform at such a massive event. It always shows to us that the progression of the band and the hard work pays off. This will probably be the biggest show we have ever played and we are ready for it and we are really excited for it. It’s always really good for us to do shows like this because it is good for our tours coming up and it always helps us to get in front of a new audience. But yeah, we are very very excited. 

The new debut EP is due out in August, can you give us a teaser of what fans can expect?

Pedro: They can expect a bit of the old sound and a bit of the new sound as well! We hope it shows a bit of a progression within the actual songs that we’ve released. There’s also a very exciting bridge towards the new chapter that we are going to be working towards.      

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