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Harry Jowsey

25th July 2022

Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Interview & Digital Editor: Pankhuri Bhutani

Photographer: Reinhardt Kenneth 

Set Design: The Mille Fiori  by Gina K Park

Fashion Stylist:  Michelle Wu

HMUA: Carisa Arellano

Photography Asst: Van L Nguyen

Logo Design: Emily Curtis

Garnering a sensational amount of support from around the world, Harry Jowsey was initially spotted in the first season of Netflix’s hit series “Too Hot To Handle”. Since then, Harry has embarked on several projects including “Tap In”- a wildly loved podcast, launching his own dating app “Lolly” and was also recently under the spotlight for his latest signing with WME. 

We recently had a chat with our latest cover star Harry Jowsey in order to know more about his acting ambitions and insights into his professional journey. 

Hi there Harry. So lovely to have you over here at ReVamp! How is 2022 treating you so far?

I think this year has been amazing. Super grateful and blessed with lots of opportunities so far. I have some great people around me and could not be happier and more excited heading into the second half of the year.

I’d definitely have to start by talking about your involvement in the highly successful Netflix original series “Too Hot To Handle”. What was it really that made you accept this project and how would you describe the experience overall?

I think what made me join was the adventure. I was applying for a bunch of shows at the time. The dating pool where I was living at the time was really small so there wasn’t much going on. I was also at a crossroads in my life and didn’t know where I was going. Then landed that show on Netflix and dove in completely. It of course took off and changed my life from there. Super grateful.

You recently started a podcast “Tap In” where you delve deep into insights about relationships. The podcast has been such a huge success. What has been the most memorable experience from this project for you?

Having a podcast is awesome because it gives my audience a chance to sit down and hang out with me every week. It’s been the best typing I have ever done because when I get to meet people that tune into the show, they always have something exciting to talk about and it fills my cup to hear. 

The most memorable guest experience would have to be Kevin Hines. He is a guy that jumped off the Gold Gate Bridge and survived. We talked about his mental health journey and his struggles. He has one of the most amazing laughs and is a super sweet and loving guy. It was rewarding to hear his story and how he turned this dark period in his life into something positive that he now gives back to others.

What according to you is something that you think everyone should know before indulging in a relationship?

The best thing that I have learned was to understand yourself. How does this affect you, what do you want in a relationship, and what are your end goals with this. Sometimes you need to be a little bit selfish. Sometimes you have to know when to pull the plug on something and if it’s benefiting your mental health. Are you in the right space to add value to each other’s lives? Self-awareness is key and equally as important is then to communicate with your partner. No one is a mind reader and communication is paramount to the success of any relationship.

You also have your own dating app ‘Lolly’. For the people who are yet to be introduced to it, what can you tell us about the platform?

Lolly is a one-of-a-kind dating app. Essentially it is online dating but in a TikTok-style format. Only videos — no photos because we really want people’s amazing personalities to shine on an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. What I like about Lolly is that you are only providing positive interactions. You don’t say no to anyone, you just keep scrolling just like you do on TikTok. No rejections. I like that.

With your immensely successful projects, you also have successfully garnered an extremely huge following and support from all around the world. How do you handle this sort of fame when it comes to factors like privacy?

I think I do the opposite of protecting my privacy. I am such an open book and don’t like to hide much. Some things within relationships I have might stay confidential as it’s important to me to both honors that trust between the other person and ensure they are protected. 

Apart from that, it adds unnecessary pressure on anything you do in regards to a business or product, you have to make sure it’s absolutely amazing as there are people that might nitpick and you have to be cautious about how you talk or how you say things. But it has made me self-reflect, and look within a lot more so have been really grateful to have an audience that just cares as much as they do.

Many of your fans have been anticipating seeing you as an actor and the rumors of seeing you on the big and small screen re-emerged after the announcement of your signing with WME recently surfaced online. Huge congratulations on that! What can you tell us about this particular endeavor and what can the fans expect from you in terms of your acting journey?

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. It’s been such an exciting journey. I have now been taking acting sessions for a while now twice a week and have now included a dialect coach to expand my options. It’s been a really fun process to understand the art of it while also respecting it. It’s been really exciting. 

There is no way to know where you will see me next. I am down to try anything. My goal is to be in like RomComs and to have a similar trajectory as Ashton Kutcher and James Franco’s careers. I am taking as many auditions as I can get my hands on and enjoy the process and learn as I go. I am just excited for the future. I feel like it’s going to be bright and hopeful for the path ahead.

If given an opportunity, who would you like to collaborate and work with in the future? Where do you generally draw your inspiration from when it comes to your professional journey?

I would love to work with Will Ferrell. He seems like such a great guy and I take a lot of inspiration from him. I have heard interviews from people that talk about how amazing and professional he is to work with. The other person would be Kevin Hart. He is such a cool, funny, and focused guy. Those would be my movie collab inspirations. As for more in the business sense, I would love to work with Scooter Braun one day. I think he is just an incredible human, so switched on and has seen great success.

What’s next for you, Harry? What are the top 3 things on your bucket list that you would like to achieve by the end of this year?

I think the top three things on my bucket list would be firstly, to continue to make people laugh. I think that has always been my purpose and it makes me feel fulfilled when I can bring a smile to someone, and a little giggle. 

Second, landing a show. My biggest goal is to land a show in a movie and would love to learn and see how all this operates and it is so far removed from my background in reality tv. 

My third would be to host something big, something major like a big red carpet or awards show. Going to throw in one more….. Getting some bigger names on my podcast like a Tyga or a Kardashian would be amazing. They have crazy stories that I would love to bring to the table and dive into deeper and share with my audience.

Lastly, is there any message you wish to convey to your fans currently reading this interview?

Honestly, I just want to say how much I appreciate everyone reading this and all who have continued to support me. I will do my best to serve you guys and make you laugh along the way. I am so grateful for being where I am today just because it’s all because of your support. I will continue to work so hard to make you proud.

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