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Harleymoon Kemp 

27th May 2024

Interview: Amy Bell

Based in London but regularly visiting Nashville for sessions, Harleymoon has felt compelled to make music since childhood. It was natural given her family: her father is actor and Spandau Ballet legend Martin Kemp, her mother is Shirlie Kemp of Pepsie & Shirlie and the TV presenter and recent BRIT Award host Roman Kemp is her brother.

Harleymoon Kemp’s recent single ‘What Good Looks Like’ introduced the singer-songwriter to new audiences. It saw her hit one of the biggest stages of her career as she hosted and performed on the main stage at the Mayor of London’s huge St. George’s Day festival in Trafalgar Square. The track’s stripped-back story of knowing what love is earned coverage from the Daily Star and Daily Express and a range of pop/country/Americana tastemakers including Building Our Own Nashville, Entertainment Focus, and Music Talkers.

But ‘What Good Looks Like’ was just the start of more to come with a brand new EP coming out at the end of the month.

Thank you for speaking with ReVamp magazine, has music always been your passion when growing up?

I grew up in a musical family so music was just a part of life, rather than a passion, there was always singing and people bashing on the piano or jamming on the guitar. It was just asf familiar as making a cup of tea in my daily routine!  

I was always into writing, I love lyrics and poems , even if i didnt have a melody - as a kid I always had notebooks of feelings , poems ideas - looking back it was just a diary that kind of rhymed!

Who inspired you to start creating music, and what is 1 thing that keeps you going, when making music?

Growing up around music all the time, it just felt like something we would always be doing. I was writing songs for other people , DJ's and other singers but it wasnt until Lockdown i started to release my own songs.. I was always a little shy about my personal songs, they really do come from the heart and intimate experiences. In lockdown I really needed a project to get through and braved putting my own music out there for the first time.. my first single SPACE went to no1 on the UK itunes chart, I cried my eyes out and the rest is history... ( or yet to come!!)

You have a range of influences in your life such as your father being an actor and Spandau Ballet legend Martin Kemp, your mother being Shirlie Kemp of Pepsi & Shirlie, and the TV presenter / recent BRIT Award host Roman Kemp is your brother, do you feel more pressure due to this, or do you find it more motivating? 

All being creative in a family isn't a competition, everyone has their own groove and passions and we are all so supportive and eachothers chearleeders. It's amazing and inspiring when you see how hard someone has worked to get the opportunity and are fulfilling their creative ambitions. 

Congratulations, your new single ‘What Good Looks Like’  that appears on the EP, which is being released on 31st May, what made you release this single first?

This track I wrote about my parents - they are such a marker for a great relationship, they've shown each other and me so much love and its really set the bar for the type of relationship I'm looking for. It was a really personal song to me so I wanted to put this track out first.  

When you are thinking of a new EP, how do you decide which songs will be appearing on ‘Lone Ranger’, I'm sure that there are a lot of throwaways. 

Like falling in love... when you know, you know! When you go home thinking of them ( the song) and you cant sleep because its in your head. 

I love the fact that it is self-empowerment and a dance track all in one, what was the songwriting and recording process like for this single and EP?

Lone Ranger I wrote after meeting someone in Vegas!! It was in my head the morning after and I ran to the studio the next week - I was listening to alot of Lainey Wilson which probably influenced the old fashioned country melodies but I just love dancing to this song and its going to POP OFF this summer at festivals!! 

Can you tell us anything about your EP, about what it looks like, and how you want people to perceive this?

I hope people make it their own, the stories are all my truth. The love of a family, the wild west of guys, the nesting of love when you find it. There is a duet with Alex Francis 'Faith in You' which is a beautiful duet. I met Alex in Nashville and hes got dreamy Nutini style vocals ( his bro is James bay so gives you a vibe).The EP has lots of Nashville influence and I cant wait for it to be released. 

You have several festivals lined up, how are you gearing up for these? 

Tassells and sequins at the ready to shake my butt with! Cant wait for a fun festival season doing what I love and meeting people all over the country who are also having the best time. We are playing 9 shows so far up and down the UK and I’m especially looking forward to firing up the crowds with Lone Ranger it’s a really great track.  

Harleymoon Kemp will take the ‘Lone Ranger’ EP on the road this summer with a busy festival schedule that so far calls at the following events:


22nd - Oceanfest

23rd - Cardiff Pride (main stage)


6th - Oxted Festival (main stage)

13th – Somerset’s Big Weekend Festival (main stage)

21st - Urban Van Fest (headliner)


9th - Deva Fest (main stage)

25 th – Carfest (Wigwam stage)


22nd - The Weekend Festival

'Lone Ranger' by Harleymoon Kemp is out on the 31st May 2024.

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