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Hallea Jones

Interview: Jordan Arthur

Photo Credit: Nick Merzetti

While momentarily taking a break from haunting Netflix as Locke & Key’s notorious Eden Hawkins, the lovely Hallea Jones is here talking to ReVamp about the brand new season of the fan-favourite fantasy show, plus her start in acting, as well as what to expect from brand new music.

Hello Hallea and welcome to ReVamp! You join us just after the release of the phenomenal Locke & Key’s second season on Netflix. You’re back as the evil Eden Hawkins, a character who looks like a tremendous amount of fun to play. How excited were you when you discovered she’d be back for another season? 

Over the moon excited! Eden is such a dream to play because she’s just so much fun and every day on set was an experience like none other I’ve ever had. To also discover that I was being bumped up to a series regular, which meant I’d be working a lot more, was so exciting for me because I LOVE being on set. 

Eden finds her natural Queen Bee status shaken at the end of the first season when her… well let’s just say her authority is challenged. What kind of fallout from that might we see in season two? 

Eden gets dialled up to a whole new level with her adventure into season two, which leads to way more chaos and destruction. The fallout is far crueller than the rude words she often exchanged with her peers in season one, but the best part for season two is that the fun she gets to have with being a not so nice person gets dialled up like crazy in the most twisted ways. 

Locke & Key films in your hometown of Toronto which is also where you discovered your passion for the arts. Am I right in thinking that it was an open call audition for the famous Degrassi series at your school was that sparked the idea of acting as a profession? 

It was! A random open call which helped push me into the right direction. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for a while but I always had an interest in the arts and particularly acting, but I didn’t get into my school's drama (or vocal) program which was really difficult to deal with when it came to confidence in pursuing my interests. But luckily when I got this callback audition, it really made me go “oh.. maybe I am good enough to go after this dream”, and the main note the casting director gave me was to go get on camera acting training, so I did. 

In just a few years, you’ve built up a really impressive list of credits including The Boys and just last week I caught the short 58 which you were fantastic in. Is there anything on the horizon you can tell us about? Might we expect Eden in the just-announced Locke & Key season three? Or is that #spoilers? 

Definitely #spoilers if I say I am or I’m not, so I’ll just say “we’ll see”! In regards to upcoming projects, I’m currently working on releasing music! 

Aside from acting you also have a great love of music, and indeed come from a musical family. I know you’ve been working on lots of things over the past year. What can you tell us?

Yes! I’ve been making my own music and working with other musicians in Toronto which has been really fun, but i'm not certain when I’ll be ready to put it out. I guess I need to just put it out and let the world have a listen to the pieces of my soul I’ve placed in every song.

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