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Gwyneth Keyworth

28th March 2022

Interview & Editor in Chief: Owen James Vincent

This week we got to sit down with Gwyneth Keyworth who's starred in shows such as Black Mirror, The Crown, Game of Thrones and many more. We talk to Gwyneth about her latest project which is the West End show, To Kill A Mockingbird.

Hi Gwyneth! Thanks for talking to ReVamp Magazine. You’re about to star in the West End show, To Kill A Mockingbird this month. Congratulations! Has it sunken in and what has been the process been like?

Incredible! Bartlett is one of the best directors I’ve ever worked with and the entire team have all been amazing. One thing that has been particularly interesting has been working with our Cultural Co-ordinator, Tavia Rivée Jefferson. Tavia has encouraged us to discuss some of the deeper themes of the play, such as the intersection between the racial issues and queer themes of the production, as well as how this book written by a queer woman in the 1960s is so relevant to audiences now. 

You’re going to play the role of Scout Finch. How did you prepare yourself for this role?

I reread the book! But I also did a lot of research on the character and read different critics’ analysis of the character to get a rounded perception of Scout. In order to get into the mindset, I also spent some time with my eight-year-old cousin who I have definitely tried to embody. 

Photo Credit: The Other Richard

The story of To Kill A Mockingbird has been around for decades. Did you already know the story or did you have to do a lot of research about it all? 

I had read it at school so already knew it quite well. I also listened the audiobook by Sissy Spacek, as I was very conscious that I grew up in West Wales in the 1990s and 2000s, so wanted to be sure that my pronunciations of names and places was correct. 

What are you most looking forward to with being at Gielgud Theatre?

Being back in a theatre full stop is very exciting - I haven’t done a play in six years! I was meant to do one pre-pandemic in New York which was sadly cancelled, and throughout the lockdowns there were times when we doubted how theatre would recover, so honestly just being onstage is incredible. But also, this is my West End debut! 

You’ve starred in many theatre, TV, and film productions, was there a character that you really connected to?

Honestly, I really feel as though I am really connected with Scout. When I got the role, all of my close friends said they could really see her in me. I recognise a lot of the emotions and choices that she makes and can really see parallels in our lives and our attitudes, despite obviously coming from an incredibly different background!

Lastly, is there any message that you wish to convey to your fans reading this interview right now? 

Live theatre doesn’t have to be expensive and inaccessible! You can get £15 tickets on TodayTix to this a beautiful and incredibly relevant production. 

Grab your tickets here to see Gwyneth Keyworth in To Kill A Mockingbird here.

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