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11th May 2021

Words by Amy Bell

GoldFord's single, 'Walk With Me' represented a comforting message of unity as the world became disoriented by lockdown. Accumulating millions of streams , it spent six weeks in the Shazam Top 5 before making an impact in the UK when it was playlisted at Radio 2. He's lately released a new single, 'Ride the Storm' from his upcoming EP, 'Dreams of Summertime' which is released on June 4th. 

We got to have a chat with the Los Angeles singer about the new EP, his favourite track and what it felt like working with Ray BLK and John Legend. 

Your new single ‘Ride The Storm’ is now out, with your new EP ‘Dreams of Summertime’  coming up. How excited are you to have a new single out and then after a new EP? 

I am extremely excited! Its been a long time coming. These pair of Eps that were written and made over quarantine feel like me and I cannot wait to share them. 

You said that this new EP was very personal to you and that your struggles have become your lessons, did it make writing this new EP easier or more difficult as you look back on the lessons you have learnt?  

Can I say both? Sometimes reflecting back on certain struggles there has been enough time and perspective to understand what brought growth or led to deeper pain. Some songs were written while in the depths of a particular situation. Those were hard to express because it felt like I was dealing with the feelings themselves as they were coming up. Does that make sense?

Why was ‘Ride The Storm’ the first song you wanted to put out before the EP?  Was there a reason behind this?  

It really kicked off the whole writing experience. It was the first song that came out. Sometimes I will get a melody, or a lyric, other times the music will present itself.  With Ride the Storm they all came at once and we were at this incredible studio and just dove in and the entire sound for this EP was really dialed on the first tune. It felt right…so it’s only right to make that the single. 

You said that being forced into isolation was perfect for no disruptions for writing, how long did it take you to record and write, and how did you record when there was isolation in place?  

30 years? Ha. Kidding. Kind of. We started in May of 2020.  It took about 8 months to write and record. The producers, the Likeminds (Jesse Singer & Chris Soper) and I made a quarantine agreement. We didn’t really see anyone else besides our family. This allowed us to create in person through the entire pandemic. Thank god…I would have lost my mind even more. 

What is your favourite track on the new EP and why? 

How dare you to ask me to pick a child!  They all mean so much to me and have such sentimental stories behind them. If I had a gun at my head and had to pick(right now)…I’d probably say Ride the Storm. It has so many different meanings to me. None I care to reveal though.

What do you want people to perceive the message of the single ‘Ride The Storm’?

 It’s extremely important that people perceive their own message out of all of these songs. None of them have just one. For me, Ride the storm is about resilience. 

What was it like recording in a studio with the Grammy-nominated production duo (John Legend and Ray BLK)? 

Working with the Likeminds is as inspiring as it is fun. They are both incredible musicians with mad scientist-like brains. Their studio is a toy store filled to the brim with every piece of vintage gear, synth and instrument you could possibly imagine. It’s the most satisfying thing to bring in a seed of an idea and watch how quickly they build it out. 

What is next for you after the release of your EP and what are you currently working on? 

I have two more EP’s after this one. 2021 is going to be the year of new music….and playing live. Cant wait to head your way soon. 

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