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George Webster

8th September 2022

Jumper- Blue Inc 1972 / Vest- Hanes / Trousers- OYSHO

Photography: Stewart Bywater
Photographer Assistant: Hannie McBride
Stylist: Daisha Dancer-Soga
Interview & Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent
Logo Design: Emily Curtis
A big thanks to Caitlin at Epilogue Agency

Our latest cover star goes to George Webster who's starring in the first British Disney+ show, Wedding Season. We got to chat to George about his time on the show, working with Tom Hanks and Austin Butler and dreaming roles he would like to do.

Hey George! Thanks for chatting with us at ReVamp. Your shoot with our photographer Stewart Bywater and stylist Daisha Dancer-Soga was absolutely gorgeous. How does it feel to be our cover star?

The shoot was honestly the most fun I've had in a long time. Stewart is just full of amazing direction and just lets you sit back and ride the wave. And Daisha's styling was bang on the money. A great variety of tailoring and some classic design. She's fantastic.
And this is my first ever cover of anything, ever! So thank you so much. It's a huge honour. ReVamp is gonna have a permanent place in my personal history.

Firstly, can we talk about you starring in the first British show produced for Disney+ ‘Wedding Season'? How does it feel to be part of the Disney franchise?

It's incredibly exciting. Disney has been putting out some extraordinary television since launching Disney+, so being counted amongst that is a real privilege. And I'm a huge Star Wars fan, so to have our show even sitting next to the Star Wars logo on the front page is gonna be wild for me. And it being their first ever British production is the cherry on top. It also helps that I think the show is really good, so I'm super excited for people to see it.

3 Piece Suit-Vintage Dress Shirt- Burton Menswear Tie- Hardy Armies (Vintage) Boots- Jeffery West Overcoat- Vintage

Can you tell us a little bit about your role in ‘Wedding Season’ and what the audience can expect from the show?

I play a guy called Hugo Delaney. He's a pretty clueless, privately educated, trust-fund kid. Never had to work a day in his life. Fake tan. Real watch. He's set to marry Rosa Salazar's character 'Kate' but ends up very much dead on their wedding day. The show then flashes back and forth to see why this happened, who did it etc. 

And I've been telling people that this show is just pure liquid enjoyment. It's really funny, and well observed. It's action-packed and full of brilliantly realised characters. Twists at every turn. Honestly, if you don't enjoy the show, if it doesn't make you smile - you're the problem, not us! 

Also, who doesn't love to see a wedding on screen? There's just something brilliantly voyeuristic about it. And there are many, many weddings in the show. Each with their own flavour and style. 

Have you got any funny behind-the-scenes stories about filming ‘Wedding Season' ?

I just remember laughing a lot. Every member of the cast and crew believed in what we were doing and were excited to be there. So whenever the cameras weren't rolling, we were all standing around taking the piss out of each other. It was golden. 

I think that sense of fun and levity is integral to comedy. People need to feel loose and safe and amongst people that don't judge bad ideas. And because we all got on so well, it definitely felt like a safe space to try things.

White tee- Reiss / Jeans- Valentino (Vintage) / Bomber Jacket- TEODEM Italy (Vintage)

You’re also starring in Steven Spielberg’s and Tom Hanks new TV series for AppleTV which is ‘Master Of The Air’ with Austin Butler who is known to play the iconic Elvis. How was that experience? 

That experience is gonna stay with me for a lifetime. To be able to tell these true stories, about these real people, who were tasked with doing things so incomprehensibly terrifying and traumatic, was just an incredible honour. Everyone took it incredibly seriously.

And Austin is an absolute sweetheart. He's got a real glow about him. He's a very calm, collected, well put together dude as well as a terrific actor. 

The pressure he and Callum Turner were under to lead that show from the front was immense, and they both took it in their stride. They were down there with everybody else in the training bootcamp with no special treatment. Which ultimately leads to the whole team bonding in a way that wouldn't have otherwise been possible.

Trousers- Reiss Vest- Hanes Braces- VintageShoes- Zara Handkerchief- Giada (Vintage) Hat - Laird Hatters

Have you got any dream roles that you would like to do?

Well as an Englishman, there's that extremely obvious one that we all wish we could do... 

I am a huge fan of Bond, I've read all the books, Flemming through to Horowitz, and I have an, I think, interesting take on the character ready to go if that call ever comes in. So fingers crossed, eh.
Apart from that, I'm just excited to see whatever comes my way. Every role allows me to explore different parts of myself and that is the dream, really.

You also wrote, directed, and starred in your first feature film ‘Further Ed’ at the age of 22! Are you planning to do any more projects like this?

Ah, the naivety of youth! Only a 22 year old with a maniacal level of self belief could have pulled that off. Wish I still had that vigour in me!
But yeah, ultimately I'd love to do it again. There are some early conversations going on about what shape that might take. And I'm very excited to work myself sick again by filling the writer, director, actor chairs simultaneously. So, watch this space!

Top- Burton Menswear / Trousers- Officine Generale Paris 6e / Shoes- Zara

Lastly, have you got any messages for your ReVamp readers?

Keep being the legend that you are. Keep reading. Keep creating. Digest some philosophy. Dive into Carl Jung. Explore more. Exercise well and tread lightly through the world.

Wedding Season is now streaming on Disney+.

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